First 5* green ..Tarlak, Gregorion or Evelyn?

Hi guys! I would like an advice on my first 5* green hero. I am looking to build a good defense team with ares, drake, misandra, sartana and I have to decide which green 5* would be the best choice between tarlak, greg or Evelyn :slight_smile:
Any suggestions?


Lianna would be the best first hero or Zilayn, but for 9 months of the game there was not a single green hero in 5 *

Evelyn 100%. Greg can be forgotten about completely, and tarlaks ability works just fine without being maxed out. Evelyn is the only nature debuffer. Fast mana, dispeller, great hero. You’ll want her against every blue titan and when raiding with a green stack. Top of the list of green heroes. Besides maybe Zeline as a stand-alone hero.

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I’d go with Tarlak. He greatly increases titan performance and is pretty useful as a solo green to boost the tile damage of another color stack. Evelyn is amazing, but only shines in conjunction with other powerful green heroes so isn’t the best candidate for a first 5*. Greg is solid, but you already have a few snipers so I wouldn’t bother with him soon.


Thak you all for your replies…consider that I hae to choose a hero that can be good for the defense team

I vote Evelyn and 20 characters

If your sole purpose is defence I would likely go evelyn. Tarlak is great in offence but as mentioned before his special is still good at 3:70. Defensively you could probably make a case for either greg or evelyn but if you have to pick one evelyn will be better suited for all aspects of the game.

Defense - Evelyn
Offense - Evelyn/Greg/Tarlak
Titan - Tarlak/Greg/Evelyn

Guess which to choose first. :wink:


For titan I would say Tarlak - Evelyn - gregorion. That -54% def agains nature adds huuuuuge damage for titans…

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whoever has tarlak rated behind gregor on offense is wrong. tarlak is way better as an attacker.

Do tarlak first. My alt has tarlak and my main doesn’t and the alt does just as good on titans despite having less than half the number of 80s. also has a much easier time on hard event and special stages (this xmas specials). Tarlak is amazing and should go first.


As a first: Tarlak. Evelyn is really good but her ability on defense would be amazing once you have another nature sniper on the team.

Also consider that Eve and Greg’s stats are already pretty capable at the 3rd tier while Tarlak is a bit thin at 3rd tier. So I’d definitely ascend Tarlak first. He can be used in more situations than Eve can, with any more combinations of team than Eve can.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s very situational. If I had Lianna fully leveled, Eve would be my next choice over Tarlak. But as a first?

Agree with Dante. Eve works great at 3-70, but Tarlak is a game changer for your team and needs the full ascension to stand up to attacks. I use him on every single titan team - he’s awesome. He’s been great in war and even for raids, too.

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Now i pulled mother north…what to do?? :confused:

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