First 5* blue hero: which one is better to ascend first?

Hi guys! :slight_smile:
I have maxed two 4* blu heroes…Grimm and Kiril (and a 3/60 triton), and now I was thinking it’s time to start leveling up my first 5* since I have 5 scopes now.
The problem is that I only have 2 of them: Misandra and Aegir (I have an unleveled Guinevere).
What do u suggest to do…is Misandra good as first blue 5*? Should I wait for a better one like Magni Isarnia or Alasie?

Magni!!! Alasie is unknown when she will be out.

Misandra fits easier than Aegir in many teams, the best would be Alaise but it would be hard to find her.
In the case you had Victor I think that magni will not be so appealing.

I have Magni and Misandra both leveled up. I actually like playing with Misandra more than playing with Magni. So if you want to level one, I would level her. Magni might better in defence team and he is sniper. But with Misandra, I can gain mana so that my blue average heroes can hit in same turn. That don’t happen always, but when it does, it’s really helpful in raids and save some mana potions as well in titans. Since you have Guinevere, I think you don’t need Aegir.


The only reason to add a third blue would be for hitting green titan, so that would mean Missandra.

But, you should wait. And, next time, tell people what you have as any real answer needs context

My leveled heroes are:

Blu: Grimm kiril maxed
Red: Boldtusk max, Wilbur 4/1, Gormek 4/1
Green: Caedmon max, Hansel 4/1, Tarlak 3/70
Purple: Tiburtus and merlin maxed, Sartana 3/70
Yellow: Wu and jackal max, Gretle 4/1

If it were me I would definitely ascend up little Misandra.

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I had written up a reply to you, but you deleted your post so I deleted mine. If you’d like some advice though, feel free to ask.

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I think you should finish triton first. He’s a fast mana hard hitter who pairs really well with kiril when you stack blue.

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