First 4K team :) what order would you use for defense?


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Congrats on your first 4k team!

If it were me, I’d use them in the order Lianna Khiona Drake Frida Marjana.

Drake makes an excellent and punishing tank, and flanked by Khiona he becomes even more troublesome if you don’t get a good board or manage a bad board well.

Lianna is one of if not the best snipers in the game — Khiona buffing her attack will make her heavily damage or even one-shot most heroes, depending on the attack buff level. And she’ll benefit far more from the attack buff than Marjana would as an alternative option, since Lianna’s attack stat is higher, and Marjana’s DoT would be unaffected by the attack buff.

Frida being average, I’d rather see as flank than wing, where she’d be unlikely to fire soon enough or often enough to make a difference. While she could in theory tank, as you have her in the screenshot, I think Drake (or even Khiona) are considerably better tank options.

And that just leaves Marjana, rounding up the right wing as another fast sniper, with some DoT tacked on.


Just wanted to say grats @SWEG huge milestone.


The reason I’ve been putting khiona next to Marjana instead of Lianna is because I didn’t think Lianna needs an attack boost, doesn’t she pretty much one shot every time on defense? But Marjana doesn’t hit hard enough to kill usually she just hurts people. Was hoping the khiona buff might change that. Also I agree that drake is probably a better tank over all, the reason I choose not to use him is because when I personally go raiding I have a purple team just ready for all the yellow tanks like Guin, Delilah etc and I’ll just skip over teams if I don’t have a ready made team for it lol. Was hoping just the idea of a blue tank might make people skip if they don’t have a green team ready to go xD you still think drake is just a better tank regardless though?

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I’m finding that as I upgrade heroes with the Talent Grid, she’s a heavy damager more than a one-shotter more and more.

That’s very true. I don’t find Marjana particularly troublesome unless things are already going very badly.

You could use Khiona as tank, potentially. But it’s worth remembering that Drake is fast vs. Guin being average, and Drake’s blind is effectively like a one-two punch of an attack debuff and chance for dodging special skills.

That’s a lot of benefit from a tank firing even just once before dying.

Probably depends on the attacker.

I take whatever I’m given, edit my team each time, and had 5 blue tanks in my last 10 matchups.

But the bigger thing is that Frida is a lot less punishing as a tank than Drake. She’s average speed, which gives an attacker more chance to kill her, and while she hits reasonably hard, it’s not enough to be fatal.

And she’ll have to hit the same target(s) twice to make the most impact — which is asking a lot from an average speed non-healing tank on all but the most terrible of boards.

And while her nature defense buff is useful for a tank, with it being only for her, and having no healing baked in, I don’t think it’s as big a win as, say, Kashhrek as tank even.

I just don’t see her as a particularly threatening tank.

But if you put her up I’ll be happy to see her when I’m attacking. :wink:


You make good points. The part about frida needing to hit the same targets more than once to get full use out of her ability is actually why I want her to be the fastest to charge, and maybe use her as tank because the more tiles that hit her the faster she charges and potentially get the most use out of her elemental debuff especially at average mana? And the green defense buff does only benefit her but if she’s tank ideally there’d be multiple greens attacking and if they can’t kill before she fires that’s good for me. I posted this looking for feedback and I’m getting good feedback but I’m still a little undecided about the order I should put them in. One thing to take into account is that my blue troop is the tough defense troop so frida already surpasses the others on toughness, I checked the in game stats while farming. My first thought is to balance the defense so I put khiona next to Marjana instead of Lianna for example, trying to make the best rounded team… this is one thing I like about this game is that everything is open to discussion and interpretation whereas MTG is very cut and dry, not a lot of debate over what’s the right way to things. You make good points about for example getting the most out of Lianna and making the best tank possible, I’m just a little unsure if the rest of the team suffers possibly by focusing on the strengths instead of focusing on balancing the weaknesses?


I like the debatability of choices and lack of a definite answer in this game a lot too. And since we don’t get to test out our own defenses, I base my thoughts on my experiences as an attacker, and what tends to cause me the most trouble.

There’s not much harm in putting up any combination and seeing what happens.

You can try one arrangement for 2 or 3 days and see where your trophies average out to, and then do the same with another arrangement.

And given how severely raiding favors the attacker, it also wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t a radical difference between a few layouts. The difference between defense effectiveness really comes down to how successfully the team punishes a bad or difficult board. Even the best defense becomes fairly easy to defeat with a good board, or an average board and a good player.


I ended up putting khiona as tank overnight and I only got attacked once. I did lose 15 cups but it seems frida is atleast more intimidating than sonya on defense :wink:


Good suggestions! Just wanted to say WTG on the milestone…I remember grinding and levelling for that first 4K team, and how excited I was when I reached it!

Nice work @SWEG :+1: