First 3 Soul Exchange picks if I had been around [Who did YOU pick?]

  1. Ursena – Figured good for titans with the holy reflect and the bigger damage on high HP. I was also quite weak at the Dark element at the time. Right now, she’s at 4/80, but sitting on the bench because I had a huge influx of Dark heroes in 2022 (Lu Bu, cPanther, and Khonsu joined)

  2. Lord Loki – Could have gone Mother North, but opted not to. He’s been on my mono team and has been super fun to play with . Just debating internally if I should emblem him.

  3. Quenell – Needed some punch in the Nature department, and this one has provided it. No ragrets here.

  4. Emilio – Could have gone Ludwig, but the VF burn and ailment protect was enticing. He’s currently sitting at 3/70 and is competing for rings. No regrets either.


My picks were:

  1. Skadi
    I needed someone to help me deal with all the minion makers as my only other choice was C. Gormek. I have since gained Gobbler … No regrets with Skadi.

  2. None
    Lacked enough heroes to trade, although I really would have liked Ma North. Ok maybe a little regret over Skadi … :crazy_face:

  3. None
    Still not enough except 10 tier and none of these really appealed to me as game changers.

  4. Ludwig
    He pairs really well with my LotL. A really fun hero for any attack, although raids are now actually taking about twice as long :rofl:

  1. G. Chameleon
  2. Lord Loki
  3. Director Zuri
  4. Ludwig

I guess the next one I’m taking a red to rainbow it up? Garnett please!

  1. G. Chameleon. Originally I planned to max it, but I started getting greens and still have some queue so it sits at 3/70 with only purpose being MT’s. Well worth the 10 souls still.
  2. Kunchen, somehow I always wanted to have him and at that point had shortage with 5* dark healers and not much queue. Well still sits at 1/1 and his future doesn’t look good either. Only plusside I could find here is without taking him I would’ve had to buy roster space. But I would have more spare heroes for the future…
  3. D. Zuri. Such an awesome hero to have. Zero regrets.
  4. Ludwig, he was obvious choice for me as I already had Alfrike, otherwise it would’ve been tough decision. Costing “only” 15 souls was also super good.

Hello Randa how are you,I sometimes cross on your videos and you doing good job>its is always a plesure to see how you are happy when you pull something good

  1. G. Chameleon / I’ve never regretted this choice. I’ve often used Chameleon & Tarlak combo even in the alliance war. And it was relatively cheap. (only 10 heroes needed)
  2. Ariel / Cause I have her costume. Obviously, no regret.
  3. Quenell / I am not quite sure if this was the best choice cause I already had green 7 tiles team (Evelyn / El Naddaha / Iku-Turso / Francine / Grace, etc) and she has no other additional skill except self-buff. And she needed 20 heroes. Anyway, she’s never been a bad one. So, it wasn’t a bad choice, either.
  4. Ludwig / Obviously, no regret.