First 3 Soul Exchange picks if I had been around [Who did YOU pick?]

So I wasn’t around for the first 3 Soul Exchanges, having come back to play this game in September 2022.

But for the fun of it here’s who I would have probably picked if I was around then (and provided I had the requisite number of souls).

I am still not sure if I would have made a pick in the first SE but I am assuming I would have as I wouldn’t have had a clue what would be coming next or what to expect - so would have likely done it for the novelty of it (and as it would have been the first time I’d have received a “special” 5* of my own choosing).

With the full benefit of hindsight, I think it would be a mistake picking from SE1 - not that anyone could have known that at that time lol (and sorry to those who did). With the benefit of hindsight I think a PASS for SE1 was sensible, but I highly doubt I would have done that myself.

I’d be curious to hear who did y’all pick in the end and why? Cheers

Note: Just looking at the trends in the table, it appears to me that there is a good chance we are likely to see a costume of some sort in the next Feb 2023 exchange.

Tagging @2puttshaqur because you look like the person who thinks about Soul Exchange the most on this forum :sweat_smile: :rofl:

  1. Killhare (needed purple damage and war tank)
  2. MN (did not have a resurrector)
  3. Ludwig (help with events, quests, maps)
  4. None because I’ll be out… I used 5 leveled s1 legendaries to get to 15 for Ludwig.
  1. Killhare (knowing who was in round two I probably would have waited, but she has gotten a lot of play time, so no complaints)
  2. Not enough heroes
  3. Director Zuri (I sold three leveled S1s to get her and have no regrets
  4. See #2 above
  1. None
    2.Mother North

I hot Lord Loki
I finally saved 20 Soul Again for the next One.
I’m really excited to be able to chose a powerfull hero next month


I thought I chose more. I only got lord Loki and passed on all the others. I wanted Faline but had no emblems for her, almost pulled the trigger on Ludwig but didn’t because I really needed blue or yellow heroes.

Like always, sometimes I’m too rational and careful. That said, lord Loki is my favorite hero for sure.

  1. Skipped, not enough heroes
  2. Loki, one of my faves, most fun hero
  3. Quenell, use her everyday
  4. Ludwig. Haven’t gotten him ascended yet but what a deal at 15.

Yet to level my quenell been oversaturated with greens lately.


First- no one (nothing of interest)
Second- black Knight (first taunter)
Third- lady locke (just needed roster space)
Fourth- c Finley (needed blues)

  1. Killhare (then of course i pulled her + costume with 4 tokens)
  2. Black Knight
  3. Skipped it, no one peeked my interest
  4. Ludwig

Lord Loki

Ludwig and Loki see the most use. Asterius gets heavily used in events and most wars.

Skadi has become very niche now and probably the one I get the least use from. Mainly just Minion wars. That said I rarely ever lose that hit but in retrospect not 20 souls worthy.


Well okay I’ll play…

  1. Thor …but (@20souls) needed roster space and he had alluded me until after I chose him in SE since I’ve pulled him 3X including costume.

  2. Lord Loki …for the fun…and again have since pulled him.

  3. Director Zuri…always wanted her…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  4. Finley costume… again always wanted to have him.
    My only regret was Thor because I had been wanting JF for ages but roster space was my deciding factor…happily I have since gotten JF from a challenge festival or similar portal.

  1. Killhare: Aside from first obtaining her, and playing around with, I rarely ever used her. As, not long after, she kinda became obsolete, with heroes faster doing similar damage and positive effects. If I’d obtained her a year earlier, I think she would’ve seen more playtime :cry:

  2. Lord Loki: While this one was exciting at the time, it was my most difficult choice, as I wanted BK, Lepiota and Grimble just as badly. Although, it wouldn’t have been even a tish regretful, had I not also pulled Lord Loki literally days later from the Solstice Summons, among over 200 other possible heroes. Lol talk about RNG being cruel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Turned a potentially great moment (had I chosen differently), sour. & Now, anytime I hear of BK/Lepiota/Grimble, my heart aches a lil, of what could’ve been… *sigh*. However, of the few 5* I recently chose to max, Lord Loki was among my first (still haven’t hopped on his bandwagon though… idk what it is; maybe I still resent him a lil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

  3. Morel: This one was a no-brainer for me, as he was the only interesting option that I was missing. I’d always coveted him, and love his art. However, not long after, I landed C. Finley from CF, so Morel’s time in the spotlight was quite brief. Still love his cute lil face in my roster, tho :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  4. Ludwig: Definitely the best of these, and the one I still regularly use to this day (although, to be fair, he is the most recently obtained :crazy_face:). Mana + taunt? When can that ever get old?! Especially love how he breathes new life into slow and very slow heroes, allowing them to be playable offensively outside of rush. He’s so much fun, too :grin: The only other one of these I chose to max, as well :relaxed:

Ooooeeee I’m so excited for the next one, I can hardly contain it :grin:

  1. Thor- yellow was my weakest then and i was looking for someone to pair with g.jackal for a strike. I later got horus so thor actually forms a cornerstone for my yellow mono team.
  2. Loki- wanted to get killhare (lucky i didnt, pulled her during the next springvale). I wanted to get someone really fun to play with- unfortunately, still sitting at 3/70 waiting for emblems to maximize.
  3. Quenell- wanted a fast hit-3 to pair with my frigg and el nadaha. Sadly, this mono green team appears to be my weakest. I may replace quenell if i evelyn shows up in the next se.
  4. Ludwig- just had to get him. Or alfrike but did not have enough soulsnto offer then.

Didn´t have Souls enough for the first 2, but pretending I had souls I would have picked:

  1. Chameleon, the only one of the lot I find is worth the souls, especially since it´s only 10 of them. He´s a niche hero, so wouldn´t get used all the time, but the buffs are interesting enough to play him even outside of titans. Killhare would have been the purple tank option.
  2. Grimble would have been the best deal. BK, Loki and MN (in rush) are all heroes I would use.
  3. I did have the souls, was torn between Asterius and Quenell as those were the color I needed heroes most for, but neither was the game changer I was looking for so I ended up waiting another round. Zuri and Morel would be very useful as well :slight_smile:
  4. Ludwig, best hero in SE ever and at only 15 souls was a no brainer. Didn´t help with my red problem, but so be it. Alf would have been the obvious second choice or Faline for people who had both also makes a lot of sense.
  5. I REALLY need a good red one now! Garnet seems to get a bit dated these days, she might be a 20 soul candidate.
  1. Missed … but I would have picked G. Chameleon
  2. Norns
  3. Missed … Not enough souls, but would have picked Lady Locke
  4. Caitlin

I have a sufficient store of souls now though, that i’m very much ready for the next round to arrive! If for nothing else other than roster space :laughing:


I’m enjoying reading everyone’s reasons for what they chose. Gives me food for thought and is a nice reminder that everyone’s roster / needs are different, and not to go with the so-called “best” choice.

For me:

  1. Ursena - and I regret this choice. At the time I was really low on roster space and dark heroes, so thought I could build an Atlantis-based defence (I already had Ariel and cPosiedon, and later pulled Oceanus). But then I got a glut of great purple heroes - so she’s maxed but never sees play.

  2. Lord Loki - always wanted him and the clear choice for me from a great SE list, as I already had LOTL, Ariel and Mother North, the three others I would have considered.

  3. Skipped - but probably should have taken Director Zuri. Had no darts and was running low on sacrificable heroes so thought I should save for the next one. Also briefly considered Lady Locke for a second green cleanser (after cCaedmon) - but have since pulled Toxicandra to solve that problem.

  4. Ludwig - another clear choice for me as I already had two other Wolf heroes (Esme and Quenell) for the family bonus, as well as Alfrike (the only other hero I would have considered).


I picked Natalya. Not regrets but that probably says more about my collection - she replaced one of my four stars and she was on my Wish List. :blush: I do wish those damage over time heroes had aged better.

I so wish I had been able to get Jean F though, from the first one.

Haven’t managed to get enough souls for the other two SEs, but might be able to get to 15 this time around :pray:


Yet to use it …The first two i had about 15 heros to exchange now i have 22 to exchange so it has to be the correct hero… Somthing im going to use alot and can put emblems on and prob would like to LB … As no idea when ill have another lot to exchange …
Blue heros are out of the question as have 3 decent ones @3/70 and i have 5 scopes.
Fighter class and cleric is no no aswell as got folk waiting for them.
So yeah im a bit picky :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Nothing
  2. LotL
  3. Nothing
  4. Ludwig