First 25 5*/Next 25

First 25 vs next 25. Obviously will change, but what do you think? Look good? Anyone else I really need?

You must have spent a few Bob …
But nice roster well done

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Purple… Dispel?

Seshat does it to more targets than Kage, and she’s less niche as well.
Domitia with costume available makes a strong case for herself here too.

Bera looks like she’s a great minion casting hero and possibly more fun to play with.
Alfrike is just plain fun - but at very slow mana you have to pick your occasions to let her out of the box.



Cleanse is valuable and pushes Zimkitha to the forefront IMHO.



Magni and his costume are the obvious pick here… Rumple looks like awesome fun, but Magni is just plain mean!



Vivica (or rather her costume) will boost your titan scores significantly, and she’s a proper upfront healer too.

Norns has come in very handy on raids and PVE for me - some players really appreciate her and others don’t so worth trying out at 3.70 first.

Rana is one I’ve always wished for but never gotten… But not for any particular reason. She looks good, but nothing amazing now.



Everyone needs a maxed Lianna. Especially with costume bonus. She hits like a truck, period.

If you find yourself wishing you had two Mother North’s then there’s no reason not to go for Alberich.

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I do enjoy the good old “What do you think I should do next” posts which are really just a good old brag one in disguise :wink:

Bravo I say, bravo.


you have a wide roster, you may miss some ninjas.

Considering the new meta and ignoring the class of those heroes.

Purple: Bera / Seshat.
Yellow C-Vivica.
Green: Lianna since you already have her at 3.70, then Kadilen and costume.
Blue Magni
Red: Zimkitha, Red hood

Some might call it a not so humble brag :joy: :man_shrugging:t3:

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One or two dollars…

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I have 60 maxed with mats for about 5 more. They are all useless now since I no longer do wars. A word of advice…think before you spend more. You may end up regretting it. I know I did.

Suggest you organize by class, then by element —

Killer ranger #5 may not be as awesome at 4-80 waiting for emblems

I aim for no more than 3 per class — weird thinking, but it does help

C Magni, Zim, c Viv, Kage and Alby would be next 5 Heroes I’d choose

With a shout out to emblems on Hel, Bera and Seshat

Dark horse would be Rana

Here was my thought, I have mats for Magni, Zim, and Viv right now and those were going to be my next 3. Especially since I am looking for someone to emblem in each of those classes.
My dark roster seems to just have exploded, since I got Seshat and Kage in a 10 pull. Jabber and Bera showed up recently. I think Alfrike is also intriguing too.
I would love to emblem Rana. She seems like she would thrive in my defense.
I heard Norns is great on offense, but I also have quite a few of those already.
Zim and Red Hood showed up just recently. Thank goodness. Was not thrilled about either of the two red choices and was going to wait on HA10 to produce, but also have 10 rings.
Raff and Rumple with both get ascended. I really like the healing of Raff plus he wouldn’t be too shabby in a V Fast tourney.
Poor Alby just keeps getting passed up. I think Zocc is somewhat interesting. Kadilen has always been somewhat solid as a Season 1 hero imo.

Notice I don’t have any of the ninjas. I quit spending, newborn gets that money now :wink:

That would be a +20 Jabber-Hel-Bera-Kunchen-Kage-Seshat by the time they would be done. That would be a ridiculous dark squad, plus one. Here are my next emblem choices I need to make:
Azlar (I have his costume too)/Kage (I have zero Tabards)
Likely going to be C-Viv but could do MN.
Zim. Hands down.
Magni+C made this an easy choice.
I was actually leaning towards embleming Tarlak as he is used on almost all titans. Rana only other one I could really see getting them, besides Bera (see backlog of purple hero’s though)
Only choice here would be Clarissa. Richard with emblems can be annoying, but I just don’t have great Paladins.
Liana with costume, Seshat, and Red Hood all seem like decent choices.
Dom +C (notice the trend of dark hero’s lol) or Zocc are my only choices
Rump or Norns are my only upcoming choices here, besides a Quintus +C.
All choices are already ascended except Alfrike. JF, Guin, Hel, Sartana, and Isarnia all choices here.

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