First 14 down


my loot

Note that even all the way to A+ (loot tier 17) only gets 3 ascension rolls. :frowning:

It should be a bit disappointing to receive loot tier 17 with no good items…
Btw, great job as always 7DD, you guys rock!

I didn’t say people didn’t get ascension items, but same number of rolls.

there was a mystic rings, tabard, tonic in there…

Yes, sorry, I didn’t pay attention, I saw the sad face and thought of a bad ascension loot.

Wow! That’s not bad loot at all… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that was aggregate, not for me. But it seemed a majority of people got an item. or maybe around half. I’d half to count but my wife and youngest have a stomach bug so I’m just trying not to get pooped on around here while packing up the house (moving out of state in early June).

the first titan 14 * killed the alliance “Империя Ы” 4 hours ago, 3 hours before being killed in the SDD.

And what about loot with titans 11* -14*, there is rubbish, as with 10*

Ah I stand corrected. Nice work!!

I’m in general terms. I’m in the alliance of the aggressive, we have not yet arrived at 14*. There the alliance of the Империя Ы

well nice work to whomever is involved then!