First 11* titan loot

New titans same loot. Here’s hoping rare titans are better. Anyone get one yet?

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i got this

We had 4-5 people get 4 star items.

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come on, you got a revive scroll out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol just not that dreaded A+ loot. The 3 gems is what I don’t get. it would be nice if at least something was consistently better. Like let the higher tiers have 10 gems. So stingy

It’s the A+ curse, always get the worst loot at A+.

You probably don’t get it often and when you do, you expect a guaranteed ascension items

Trust me A+ is best

Haha I am pretty consistent

You probably are, I was referring to the dude above me

Ok yeah it’s hit or miss odds should be better for top tier for ascension items but I don’t see why the rest has to be random. 3 gems and a regular summon that got me aife…I know she’s pretty beastly and I’m halfway there to ascend her with the rest of the loot

If you feed a max Aife to a tier 2 Sharan - WOAH Easter egg.

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All I want to know is how you got the gif to work ? I tried in the past but kept getting the syntax wrong and was too lazy to research it…

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Probably recorded screen to mp4, then uploaded to a mp4 to gif site for conversion.

I’ve been using that on Android

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Lol I got a new phone for the last event (I wasted tons of items just to realize that the phone lag costed me 10 seconds per item unload) long story but now I have the galaxy s9 and can record from the phone and create gifs from the recordings…

The bottom gif button but not enough room to add the iron or ham…it wasn’t great either

@KLinMayhem @Uclapack

I love it… Awesome guys ! :smile:

I recieved an orb and fine gloves from our first 11-star, for whatever that’s worth.

there’s no things such as A+ curse. Petri confirmed that :joy::joy::joy:

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Lol it seems like it an awful lot but maybe because I’m always in need of 4* items and the drop rates are really low. Really in that case all the tiers are cursed…unless you’re really lucky.

A+ is meaningless in itself. Titan Loot Tier is King.

And beginning from Titan Loot Tier IX, that is where it’s at.

Confirmation bias.

Superstition is so irrational.

I don’t usually get better loot at A+ than A or B but this time I was lucky with boards and loot


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