Firewind has 2 open spaces!

Do you play daily, and stuck in a low participation alliance? Come check out Firewind and join 27 active players. We’re killing 7* Titans and need people for the Alliance Wars.

So… I actually am one of 3 who are seeking a new alliance.

Let me query you on our collective behalfs please…

  • do you guys use Line or Discord or another second party chat app?

  • how would you describe Wars in your alliance?

  • how “competitive” is your alliance? (On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being “whatever happens happens” and 10 being “we will be THE BEST CLAN EVER even if it means we have to kidnap Dante and personally extract his secrets” ?

We do not use Line or Discord, although I do have an optional Facebook page for members.

Our AW is relaxed. No need to go for blood because win or lose, the rewards suck.

We are an alliance that has fun. We are not competitive at all. All I ask is that you show up for every Titan and AW. You miss three, without telling an officer, during a seven day period and you’re gone.

We are fighting 7* Titans with an 8* every now and then.

I hope this helps in your decision (x3) >.


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