Firestorm = "I Win" Button

So firestorm is pretty much an “I Win” button. If I’m raiding someone and that goes off, my entire team is dead within 3 moves or less. Anywhere from 50-75% or more of my team health is gone instantly and the rest burns off quickly. There are other way overpowered abilities in this game, but this is by far at the top of that sordid list.

If any devs read this and/or care, please consider reducing that attack’s effective ability considerably.

If you don’t have the right set of heroes, I agree it can be very hard to fight against firestorm. But there are a few things that can make it fairly easy if you do have the right heroes.

1, If you have a hero that dispels status ailments, don’t trigger them if at all possible until after the fire storm goes off. Then it actually is a very weak attack.

  1. If you have fast snipers, kill the hero with firestorm first. Remember they are slow mana.

  2. If you have mana control heroes make sure you time them correctly. With hansel / gretel that would be just as the hero is about to charge. And after you hit, lay tiles into them like crazy for as long as the effect is on. For ones that freeze mana, you can do it anytime you want to/ have to lay tiles in.

Remember, the more tiles you send their way, the faster they will charge. So avoid sending in tiles unless you can get the final kill or unless they are mana controlled.

I’m sure there are other techniques, those are just the ones I use. And you can actually combine them to increase you chances of success.


…and counterattack kills those heroes immediately…

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Yeah yeah, nerf regulars instead of HotM with 38 skills and superfast mana.

Sounds legit.


I purposely let some colens and azlars go off today to play around with inari’s ult, it was fun.

But as GC and others point out, there are multiple ways to attack the problem.

Pro-active: Snipe, mana control, blind, riposte and dodge.
Reactive: heal and cleanse

It is of course, a bad skill to encounter before you have the basic tools at your disposal, but so are a lot of things.

Edit: and most of the listed answers can be pulled from a TC20 with a little time and patience.


It’s fun to watch people learn the game. Colen frustrated me too for a while. Learn quick because after him is Azlar who has the same kind of ability but hits harder.


Long time ago i hate Colen too. But now Alasie and Sonia kill him really fast. Like General said, just use right strategy do kill him.

Rigard says “lol”.

But yeah either kill him fast or have a cleanse ready. Both deal with him effectively.

Haha…Wait till you meet Gravemaker, infact you might just wanna delete the game now or just break your phone now and get it over with. Colen/Azlar are 2 of the weakest heroes in the vanilla heroes selection. Stack 2 to 3 blues or aquire Rigard and problem solved and you will soon see those 2 heroes as a complete joke. If anything, they need their damage or speed buffed cause they are weak AF right now.

I raid with 3 mana controllers. Maybe 1 out of 15 slow heroes get a chance to go off. I cant remember the last time I was hit by Azlar.

You will learn to adapt.

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