Fire to 80, who first?

Guardian Kong, Azlar, Khagon or Kimkitha to level 80. In what order & why?

TAs always the answer depends on what else you have. But I think there’s an easy quick sort:

Either Azlar or Zim.

Kong is a specialized hero, great in a red stack with other average-speed red heroes (Wilbur, Falcon) but of low general utility.

Khagan is not a good design. Don’t trash the card, but don’t invest anything there,

Azlar is a huge damage-dealer. Although slow, he definitely falls into the category of “don’t let this *** live long enough to cast” scary kind of hero, which is an elite group.

Zim is a fine utility hero with the added bonus of some damage, I’d be far less concerned about her when attacking than Azlar.


Zim kitty. That is all.

Agree with @Kerridoc, it’s between the two lions [for me]. Azlar does an insane amount of damage, that really needs to be at 80 to experience the full effect. Plus he has the higher attack stat of the two, so taking him to max has more benefits [in tile damage], and he needs to be at 80 for his DOT to max. Zimi could stay at 70, since the cleanse and buff (and link) work just as well at 70 as they do at 80; the only thing is she’ll be pretty squishy- so if she’s vital to your team I’d ascend to help with that.

Obviously it depends on your setup though, because if you’re mostly offensive, then Zim might be the better option to add some utility to your roster. Or else Azlar for the benefits that come with it. Without knowing, that’s as close as I can get :blush:


Defense - Azlar (usually lights out if this cat casts his special)
Offense - Zim (extremely good with fast mana with the cleanse and buff against heroes like GM)
Titan - Azlar for the high tile damage (can use antidote for cleanse and banners for buff)

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All said by Airhawk, but i would definitely prefer Zim over Azlar. Let Khagan and Kong sit on the bench.

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Azlar for titans is something I can agree with - to a point. That point is he does not attack every titan so his use is at best three times a week.

Whether attacking or defending, his special will be extinguished quickly as Lady Locke, Zim, Viv and more to come cleanse.

That leaves AW in which he has been useful to me.

Zim has speed, cleanse and links.

Azlar. At least I would do. Zim is nice, but not long out - she may turn into a bad hero like Aegir. I’d leave her on 3/60 for now.

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