Fire minion eater HOTM

Now with Telluria out I think the next fire HOTM should be a fast fire minion eater. Like a buffed up Gobbler or Captain of Diamonds.

Wouldn’t help against Telly because of her resistance.
A hard hitting red sniper, maybe with a resistance against mana-degeneration, is more needed.


Have a comfortable black guy who looks like this.

Sniper with the following stats and abilities.

Mana speed: fast

Atk: 769
Def: 727
HP: 1289


• Deals 470% damage to the target. If the target has more than 50% health, nearby allies have their Mana reduced by 25%.

•Caster receives 280 HP over 3 turns

Innate ability: Resists debuffs

But will help against rest of the team. Imagine fast red minion eater, which deals 150% damage to all enemies, and deals 150 Burn Damage on 1 turn for each minion eaten, and down attack 20% for each minion present and with innate ability to resist mana slow?

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whoaaa :astonished:
so not only def down debuff, also attack debuff, mana decrease debuff,… mana block debuff,… too OP I think.

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That’s what Margaret has.

Edit: I’m sorry, I was wrong. Margaret resists dispels of buffs.

Dunno, I think a red minion eater would be as niche as Grimble. Minion eaters in general are very situative on offense anyway and I don’t see them playing a role on titans or defenses in the future.
Back to the use of a red minion eater - MN and Buddy don’t give me much trouble with their minions and I don’t meet LotL so often.
Red on the other hand has some useful minion makers in PiB, QoH, Red Hood and Santa, so speaking of eaters, wouldn’t a blue minion eater make more sense? Not that it would be actually needed.

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Thats it, Margaret resist dispell of buffs, not resist to add new status debuff.
But maybe it can be happen if this hero is in Tavern as another mystery hero, 0.1% chance to get.