Fire & Ice; Rings & Telescopes, JF & Miki?

So, I finished my atlantis pulls, and I am 1 ring and 1 scope away from next ascensions. Ring is close with POV, scope we will see when it drops…
Below is what is maxed, and what are the options…
I am thinking of JF (or wait but for what?!?) and Miki.

Background info:

  • not planning for meaningful amount of pulls in the foreseeable future, mainly coins and perhaps a 10x per month at max.
  • I change defense here and there, but run mostly Morgan-Seshat-Guin-Ursena-Alice (or Vela), which holds me well above 2500 cups
  • Focus is offense with the option to use in a rainbow defense as well (no tank material needed)
  • Titans are 8-9 stars

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