Fire heros .. need help

Hi People
I was working on Elena (got from TC 2O) Friday.
And Scarlett (TC 20 too) …
Then the Atlantis summons gave me Kelile … Namahage and Wilbur :smile:
I have maxed Boldtusk. .Gormek …Nashgar and Hawkmoon…
Due To luck of space and materials i i think To use some for feeding.
They All look awesome…
Do i save or use some as good??? :confused:


Personally, I’d definitely keep all of them, and would prioritize working on Wilbur first.

But all of them, along with your existing fire heroes, are a great mix for War, Titans, Events, and Raids. I’d even keep Namahage, he’s one of my favorite 3* that I have maxed.


I love Wilbur. Superb hero, as big an add to Titan teams as Wu Kong, and they complement each other.

I’d suggest you first get Scarlett to 3/60, to give her some possibility of not dying immediately. Very fragile hero, but huge on attack.

My only reservation is that Wilbur will effectively retire Gormek, who you’ve already invested in.


Extra space cost 100 gems, for me that is cheap price for keeping good heroes. It will cost more for you to get those heroes again. :wink: And yes all of those are good heroes.


What Lulu is saying is you can go to the shop and increase your hero cap for 50/100 gems, which is a good idea if you can afford it. That way you can keep them all. All of the heroes you list are worth keeping IMO


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