Fire heroes cancel each other

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When you have fire heroes, which cause burns per turn, the special attacks are undone, leaving only the burns of the last hero to execute the special.

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What’s the bug? Designed that way…

This is not a bug, this is a feature

Yes. This is the same with all duplicate status effects.

If you did allow the unique mechanic of stacking the fire/burn effect like bleed, you would seriously help out red heroes.

Yep… You get Jean-Francois & Gravemaker together and they’d be dang scary though. I think it’s better this way. You’d just have to try & stack red heroes that don’t all try doing burn damage.

I said like. So, take 400 over 2 turns and 420 over 6.

420 ticks for 70 per turn, 400 for 200. Let’s say that 2 rounds of 70 have ticked, 4 are left, now let’s add remaining damage and duration because other burn fired. Now we have a 6 turn burn doing 113 per turn. This could really work with some tweaking.

It doesn’t make sense to have 5 specials and only one to work. For those who have Natalya, Aruna, François.

Put it in as a suggestion to incorporate the bleed mechanics on burn.

It’s a good time with balancing.

All explained here:

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