Fire Frida or Grimm first

I have Frida and Grimm and together they are awesome with the defence down. They also charge up at the same time.
My question is which order should I fire them
Frida first or Grimm

I guess now I have asked the question I will try and answer it myself.

The answer is frida. She gives -54% def down
Grimm is only -34 %.
And grimm hits harder.


Me thinking:
Her (elemental) defense down is -54%.
It’s a larger debuff than Grim’s defense down of -34%.

Not going into hardcore calculations and game stats theory, but still shortly explain why:
I’d say that unless your Frida has 20% attack stat more, or more, than your Grim I would do it in this order.

Ofc I might be wrong!
So let’s see what others think :thinking:
Peace out :heartbeat:

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Frida always first. Bigger def debuff, not to mention she will also dispel any buffs on 3 heros to open the way for a Grimm smackdown.


Frida first, then Grimm. If you add Kiril to the mix you’ll get insane hits on titans.


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