FIRE FOR EFFECT 💥 Best and worst special effect?

The noise of Derric’s special is the best. :sunglasses:
I’m sorry, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will beat this frying pan noise.
Best special ever.

But they do! Just a little bop. Whenever I see him in a defence team especially in the wing, I’m happy. One slot I don’t have to worry about.

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I can’t stand Seshat’s sound, so evil, and I use her a lot!

Gravy’s the same, loud and evil, I don’t have him but I verse him a lot and he fires all the time!

When I first started I thought Hu Tao’s “sonic wall” was pathetic…


Always loved Zeline, cool and musical, could sample that one day.

Vela. I love the whole surfie concept, ocean, waves, getting dumped, drowning… Lovely animation matches nice sound… maybe my sentimental favourite

Black Knight’s speech bubble of course!

And Grimble’s special, sound and anim are fantastic!

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Thanks for the edit @zephyr1…i was young and foolish :rofl:

So many more to discuss now.

I’m going to pitch in and say Ranvir is dreadful.

He’s like a Wimbledon ballboy pitching tennis balls to the baseline.


I am another silent gamer, though I am now tempted to play it with sound on once or twice just to hear some of these sounds.

Effects I like most are Vela’s wave, Grimble and his goat, and also the new Mist one with the wings. I hate to put her on either wing because you only see half the animation.


Nooooo, I love him, well his cricket balls anyway! I think he’s hilarious! To me they’re cricket balls, cos you know, he’s Indian…

There’s enough cliches in the game, fire balls, arrow shooting…

I also don’t like Merlin’s attack, seems really slow and weak…

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I love Ursena’s special.

I really hate Jabberwocky’s, I’m always scared to death because it’s so unusual.

And those yellow bosses with the stone animation, too 3D/realistic :rofl:

It…takes… … forever

Just hurry up and destroy my dreams, already

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Ahhh, Mist is lovely! Just took her out for the first time cos of your post, farming (she’s at 2/7). Agreed!

Mine is at 2/46 and only used for farming so far too. Though I may take her out for clean up in the upcoming war too. She is definitely getting some orbs and is my favourite of the season 3 heroes I have managed to pull.

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I don’t know whether I got super lucky or this was Valhalla 1 norm, but I received a whole swag of them( 3 x 4* s and Fen), but she’s the prettiest! And a great holy I think!

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Just pulled Inari with one Atlantis coin, super stoked! She’s been a sentimental favourite for many months, to the point of where I don’t care what she does!

She’s super cute, an Anime princess, her minions are cute and her sound is lovely! It all fits. And I love Anime…

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Heimdalls hornblow is by far the best sound fx in the game for me.

If Ursena is in tank position of your attacking team, her special animation will set her in a very nice frame.

Cooking porridge and Kages sound are some annoying examples.

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Oooh, would like to experience Heimdall, I think they did a nice job with the Valhalla guys. Mythology is close to home I guess…

Totally agree with the porridge, that’s kind of gross… You made me LoL!

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Agree with Aeron and Proteus. I will add Inari to the list!

My fave is Gregorion’s because it’s over the fastest.

I can fire Misandra, Sartana, Gregorion in that order and G-man is finished well before the others.

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I’ve always wondered if some heroes have faster specials…not sure they actually do, but it seems like some are quicker. Ariels seems to take forever!

I have timed the specials for different heroes from when I hit the hero to fire to when the number shows up for the hit. Horghall is over 3 seconds. Marjana / Joon / Lianna / Sartana are all just under 3 – around 2-3/4 seconds. Greg is about 2 seconds even.

I can fire Horghall, then Lianna, then Greg in consecutive hits on the same move. Greg finishes first, then Lianna, then Horghall.

Healers are harder to time as it’s harder to distinguish when they finish.

Although, in actual fact the result of the hit is instantaneous. If I fire say Lianna and then Greg at the same opponent and Lianna’s is enough to kill it, Greg’s hit will be on a different opponent.

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I have another one to add to the bad:

Atomos! My goodness that aggressive noisy sound effect is annoying! And it’s repeated, played (up to) 5 times! Takes forever!

I mostly play without sound, but when I do have it I find Seshat’s screech and Kunchen’s weird wind-up toy sound the most grating.

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