FIRE FOR EFFECT 💥 Best and worst special effect?

Here’s a few of my favourite effects when those precious specials go off:


  • I don’t have Aeron, but I love the smooth zoom-in of orbiting cogs to the extent that I’ll set him off on purpose and health gain be damned

  • Gravemakers’s fire is always suitably aggressive and intimidating

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, firing off Colen and skittle together gives a very satisfactory forest of burning branches

  • the little peeping creature from Red hood is both smoothly rendered and a bit creepy


  • Delilah’s doorbell sounds like the battery is going flat

  • as if he could be any less popular, the unsettling grinning Friar tuck also causes my phone to lag every time. Nothing else does, why this one?!

  • Alasie’s arrow looks like it hits with with all the momentum of a paper aeroplane

What are yours?


I’ll flip yours around :wink:

The Bad:
I think GM is somehow infuriatingly slow.
My GF hates Aeron because it blocks too much of the board.

The good:

I like Tuck. :3
Musashi is by far my favourite, I just love his animation, let’s hope drake lee is something similar.

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Drake lee is like gravemaker

I miss the old badges animations eg. all the 5* from tc20 musashi albi hel

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The look on the last enemies face when he kills himself from Merlin’s special. Oh wait…that’s just in my own imagination :grimacing:


Hmmm perhaps we need a thread on accessing psychiatric help :thinking:


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Slightly off topic but still in the general theme of this conversation I will say I’m disappointed that Joon, Lianna, and Magni all have the same visual effect just in a different color. I would like it so much more if every 5 had their own unique visual and sound effect.

I agree with Aeron, his visual is pretty awesome. I also like Domitia, King Arthur and Musashi.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Arthur’s!

I agree about the duplication, especially when the effect doesn’t really fit - Julius has the arrow effect, even though he has a spear, Renfeld throws stars but has a sword and shield!

The noise that Alasie makes! I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, all I know is one dog barks and the other may sprain his neck cocking his head back and forth.


Why do all the regular 5s get that cool magical icon and Obakan doesn’t? He was my first 5, and for a long time I thought that meant he was broken or something :slight_smile:

Lianna is the most underwhelming considering the damage it does. Doesn’t Berden have the same animation? Boo.

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Any good uns from season 2?

Not convinced that Tarlak’s Aztec-style club (or macuahuitl, thanks Google :+1:) has the energy violence…it looks like everyone gets a little bop on the nose!

Wilbur’s swirly fish are fine, but not groundbreaking.

Are there better ones?

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I am voting for GATO, for the time being.

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Wilbur. I like his little jingle. :smiley:

Proteus he is a little Hel

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Proteus. Play that on loop and you could probably hyptnotize me. Or atleast lull me to sleep


Valeria’s whip is a good sound effect.

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Sound? I’ve never heard anything in this game. I’ve muted music and sound since day one. :smile:


You must be a blast at parties. :wink:


Same here. I’m a silent couch gamer.

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Muhahaha :smiley:

Still, ain’t gonna be no party if my smartphone goes “WHOOSH BAM BAM BAM tidelidelideloooo tidelee BEEP BEEP ZOINK” while my wife’s watching her soaps. If there’s one sure way to invoke wife aggro, then that is it.

But headphones?

LOL. I’m not even going there. My kids wear headphones when they’re playing games on their tablet - or better worded watching others play games on youtube on their tables (what gives with that anyway? what’s the fun?), and she’s not liking ‘not being present’. Even when I do have to give my kids absolute credit for still hearing anything related to sweets and treats and food.

Silent gamers. We play our games in silence so we can still socialize with ya’all. :wink:


I also play on silent mode. I wasn’t even aware of the sound effects until a month or two ago (after 4-5 months of play). This changed when I started an account on a different device. I use the sound effects as an alarm to let me know when to come back to hit ‘Replay’ and ‘Autoplay’. :slight_smile:

My main device will always be on silent as a courtesy to those around me… And to not let them be privvy to the fact that I am playing a game in their presence.

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