Fire-fighters, Bushfires in Australia

As I sit here in the comfort of my air-conditioning playing E and P and browsing the forum, I can’t help but think of the men and women who are firefighting all our bushfires in NSW and QLD.

I think some of them are mentally very tired because the blazes have gone on for a gruelling 3+ days.

In NSW 1600 fire-fighters are apparently battling 60 live fires. And we’re told Queensland has some 70 fires burning. Conditions this weekend are likely to worsen.

To say that there are other (world) issues to worry about than the ones inside our E and P bubble (no 5*, RNG, mats etc etc) is a massive understatement.

God bless our fire-fighters


I too am very grateful for being in Air-conditioning in Australia right now… And am extremely proud of all the Fire Fighters battling an unprecedented number of fires in the most extreme conditions Australia has ever recorded.


wow. this is news to me over in the usa quadrant. I’ll be praying for the fighters and for the families who are having to evacuate.


Anyone who runs into the face of danger while the rest of us are running away deserves our heartfelt thanks.


May they (the fires) be put out quickly!


We have a dear alliance mate who is a fire medic in Australia. He had to leave our alliance 2 months ago when fire season started. Fortunately, he’s chilling out in our baby alliance, but we miss him incredibly in our main.

@EMTBear - Keep safe and come back to us soon!


May you all stay safe.
Wishing you rain and cooler temps, so that the fires may be put out; homes, people, animals and ecosystems saved.


It’s still ongoing and really really bad, even Sydney city has a thick layer of haze that just makes being outside miserable

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Yeah I’m hoping for rain this xmas. Breathing in smoke at 5.30am to go to work isn’t a great start to the day but its nothing compared to what the firefighters and people living in proximity of the fires are going through. My best wishes are with them


Wow what a great post. Fellow Australian here and have had the bushfire activity as close as 10km from my home and are forever grateful of the efforts our legendary firefighters have put in. Any fellow fire fighters (regardless of what country) that are in here, I salute you.


Special thanks to all the great Canadians who came over to Sydney to fight the fires


Bushfires are still burning. It’s pretty bad here.

“Thousands” were stranded on the beach around New Years’ and the Kiwis on South Island could apparently smell our smoke

@Sarah2 @Saicheeze @kwong79


Fires in QLD have more-or-less abated for the moment.

Its all focused really in New South Wales, Victoria and now South Australia.

Horrid way to start the new year.


Absolutely mind blowing what’s goin on over there

Hope everyone can stay safe and have a decent recovery from this


Of course my heart goes out to all the people affected, but when I think of all those poor animals I just want to weep.


Yeah it’s crazy, I can no longer look at pictures of whats going on. Just smelling the smoke most days and not knowing what to do to help or how it will effect my daughter’s health in the future is scary. Feeling hopeless.

Hope those firefighters make it through and we get rain soon.


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