Fire ascension pack

I need blades badly but I noticed there are only 2 guaranteed items and most are junk. I don’t have unlimited money to burn on this game so I’m assuming this wouldn’t be a wise use of my gems. Just wanted to double check because it’s VERY tempting.

Out of the whole pack, you get two guaranteed items, but no guarantee which ones they are.

It’s a pull the wheel kinda thing. If you want to save your gems for a surer thing, that’s fine. :wink:

There are many on here with experiences buying these packs who would agree that it is not a good use of gems.


I can confirm that the Ascension packs are not a good use of your money. I’ve purchased a LOT of them and have had some good fortune and some not so good fortune with them. I’ve had better luck with the trainers tools packs, but either one can be frustrating if you are after a specific item

Don’t do it!
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The odds are not it your favour, don’t do it! You will be very frustrated! I did it with the Holy pack, needing only 1 dart or orb can’t remember. I bought all 10 packs @ 300 gems and not 1 ascension item. I know it’s tempting, the trainers pack has a warm cape I really need right now but just not worth the gems.

I agree with the previous posters. I haven’t been playing long but from what I’ve seen and read, the only decent (good value) deals are the GUARANTEED ones. The ones where they give you A and B and C for $. Not the ones with 2 or 3 of the following guaranteed.

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The offer today is an example of where I do most all of my spending.

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Yeah I bought today’s as well.

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It gets released every weekend with different items, nothing special

I find the guaranteed non-farmable ascension mats very much worth buying these packs, then you also get the gems on top of it. Nothing to hate.

It’s the perfect way to support the game.


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