Fire as an Alliance tank

Any thoughts on Alliance tank for war being red aka fire. I personally like them as a attack hero not a defense hero…

What opposition you guys warring against?

Are you using 4* or 5* tanks?

I find Grazul to be quite a formidable and super annoying tank. She has cause me a few battle by prolonging the battle because of her protect from Status Ailments.

Whenever I see her lately I will only bring pure firepower of blue goodness lol… no debuffer whatsoever.

Black Knight has never pose a threat for me though. Khagan has appeared a few times as well but unless the board is really unfavorable . he too… isn’t that much of a threat.

Apart from these two heroes I’m not sure if I ever see any other red as a tank.

We all have 5* red tanks.

Just out of curiosity… what tank are you guys using?

I do agree with you … thanks for you input. Just looking for thought .

If you guys can use red tanks without using more than 5 tc20 5* heroes, i would probly try red tanks

And preferably have around 10 or more gravemakers

Black knight
Etc all decent in tank spot in wars when opponent is usin off colors to attack

Of course with zim u want emblemed to at least 7

First I’ve heard of grazul mentioned as a tank so i cant say that is right or wrong. Stat wise she is beefy but without pressuring the offense or hindering them really, i have a hard time seeing myself struggle with her. Maybe in field aid the constant 10% heals would make her more of an issue?


Red tanks are good. As many gravemakers as possible like rigs said. Mitsuko, black knight etc yup yup. He didn’t mention Santa tho, Santa is pretty good too. Yeah red tanks is viable strategy. It’s really just green tanks that aren’t ready yet.

Wow how the f did i forget that fat bastard

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It was JUST Christmas :joy:

Maybe subconsciously I’m sick of xmas so just didn’t bring it up lol who knows

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This does have the potential of being a fierce tank



Lmao that’ll be santa’s costume version


I have only ever come across just 2 red tanks. The first was Colen and he slaughtered me; took me completely by surprise (won’t happen twice). The second was Elena and although being far more potentially dangerous was fairly easy to kill. Then last week i got murdered by LiXiu (yeah, her, the yellow one) flanked by a combo Boril and Elena riposte flanks with a wing healer and opposite fast sniper. It wasn’t pretty; they both went off within about 3 tiles of each other. Lambs to the slaughter.

BoldTusk +18 is a legit red tank.

Guardian Falcon is also super beefy and a paladin (though the special isn’t as threatening with AI).

If someone invested emblems in Gormek, his bullet sponge physique with a defense debuff is a strong tank.

Well rigs is getting coal for Christmas only 5 days in, on santas bad list already haha! :wink:
If the alliance puts in the same colour tank it’s always going to be a pain for the opponent. Give it a try if majority have a decent red.

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Indeed, as long as everyone had serviceable options then there’s no reason it shouldn’t work…

But it depends what level of development the alliance is at and whether everyone has workable options to put there - and flanks to complement them!

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