Fire a special - removes the effect

say I fire a special with 4 turns duration and got all heros on the other side.
then I fire the special again after 2 turns, before the previous duration runs out.
some heros resist - which removes the effect (instead of not reset the duration).
isn’t it suppose to be that heros that got hit - the duration resets and the other heros wont be re-effected?

it’s not suppose to “heal” heros from previous special they were hit by.

take telluria and vivica for examle -

say telluria fires and got vivica with the mana reduction for 4 turns.
if telluria fires again after 2 turns, and vivica resisted she will no longer have mana reduction.
instead of having 2 turns left with mana reduction from the first hit.

Hi, we tested this scenario here and the specials should work as intended.

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Possibly when telluria tries to manaslow vivica again, her manashield triggers. I never noticed it happen, but maybe its about mana shield works.

  1. Incoming mana effect
  2. Manashield triggers
  3. Manashield removes exactly the mana effect from 1. If it already was set before, it gets dispelled.

Not sure if thats how it works, is it @Petri ?!
I am very sure to never have seen it before.

I also think that, if another mana effect comes by (proteus, liu xiu and similar) that this would not remove the mana slow effect. That would definetly have been noticed.

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Yes! That’s what I saw… I think

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