Finley targets 5 heroes without buffs

finley hit all 5 of my heroes without buffs

Two options:

  1. Maybe Vivica had her buff active?
  2. Mist is Agard Realm

I think what MAY have happened is that Mist was low HP and hence had the Asgard realm up for all your allies.


none of my heroes had a chance to go off unfortunately,
okay so if finley hits mist, she does agard realm and that messes up my team. I’ll have to keep that mechanic in mind

Yeah I think Mist may have been hit (but not killed) which immediately activated the Realm Bonus. This then meant that Finley chained thru the rest of the team.

Then another enemy slash attacked Mist killing her…

All guessing tho.


This looks like the only logical way. But would still be interesting to know if this is intended behaviour. @Petri Should Finley really chain through the whole team if nobody was buffed before his attack on a S3 hero? That could be easily exploited on offense, also the situation might not occur very often.

Finley was one of the most powerful heroes before S3 came out. Now that synergy with some S3 heroes make him even more powerful.

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I’ve noticed Finley will sometimes hit heroes that have a non dispellable buff on like the links you get from a HoTM. I’ve seen this happen a few times. This needs to be fixed and should only be allowed to hit dispellable buffs but this time, he hit Caedmon 1st who I think was linked to Kingston, Kingston and then hit PIB who had no buff at all. You can see by the picture I had no buffs and I was like whaaat. This is the 1st time I’ve seen him hit like this. Lmao, I want my cups back as it was the turning point.

Even if that turns out to be intended behavior I think we’ve found another bug here. Your Reroll button doesn’t seem to work :smile:

Lmao, I never reroll but also I never skip. It’s taking me longer to fill the chests that way but heck, it is what it is

Yeah, that’s normal and part of the reason Finley is overpowered (the most OP hero in the game in fact). The undispellable elemental link is a buff that Finley chains his attack off of.


No bug. Works as intended. He hits all until he hits a hero without a buff. If you have no hero with buff, he will hit only one. If you have one hero with buff and he hits him first, he will hit a second one after. If you have 2 heroes with buff, he will hit 3 heroes in total and so on.

Elemental link is undispellable, but is a buff. His special says nothing about undispellable or not. So everything worked the way it was supposed to be…

Ok, thank you very much

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