Finley “Nerf” or Snow White “Buff” Bug?

Why is it when I use Snow Whites special, element link remains on heroes, but when Finley uses his special, the element link counts as a “buff” and he chain attacks as if it were a buff?

I feel like either element link is a cleanse-able buff and should remove and count towards Snow Whites special, and continue on as it has as a chain “buff” for Finley, or it should not be removable for Snow Whites special as it is right now, but Finley should not continue his chain attack based on element link between heroes.

Shouldn’t be both ways IMO.

Elemental links are buffs, but they also cannot be dispelled. The are quite some other buffs/ailments that are undispellable too (Onatel’s mana drain, Natalya’s burn, Baldur’s Brawler etc.) and Snow White can’t dispel them (and boost her damage by it).

If SGG wanted her to be working with every buff/ailment her special would need to be changed to “remove” instead of “dispel”.


In my opinion, one or the other hero has to be changed.

I’m more lobbying that element link doesn’t count as a “buff” in Finley’s chain attack more than it counts towards Snow Whites special. If it’s truly not dispellable, it should be in its own separate realm of “buff” (I.e. it’s a link) but does not get removed by any special nor does it count as a buff toward any special (which is how I think it should play, shouldn’t be removable nor count as any buff count)

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