Finley hit multiple despite no buffs?

This is a screenshot from a raid I just attempted. My team was finally mana-ed up but none of my heroes had fired a special yet. Finley went off and hit Heimdall, Francine, Kingston, then stopped. No one on my team had fired a special, no one on their team buffs the enemy. I thought Finley only got multiple strikes if the target had buffs. What am I missing?

Edit: In case relevant, I updated the game just yesterday.

If Heimdall has Paladin defense up, it is buffed, and also Francine if the Rogue is active (not sure here though). But as my experience, Paladin if active, it is often get hit and Finley will chain.

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Thanks! I did wonder about the Paladin defense up, but didn’t see how that would account for Francine—I guess it’s reading the rogue dodge ability as a buff too? I can see how it happened then but that can’t be the intention, can it? These are inherent talents and abilities that don’t count as a “buff” in any other circumstance, eg Buff booster, right? (If not I’ve been doing Buff Booster all wrong, lol.) Finley is certainly not an underpowered hero in need of the advantage. There’s no reason he alone should treat talents as buffs. Or if that is the intention, talents should be mentioned on the card.

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