Finley bugged again?

Just faced Finley in a raid. None of my heroes had had a chance to fire (none had buffs) Finley hit all of them.

This bug has occurred before, but those threads have all been closed.

What were the two teams full compositions?


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I was thinking Drake’s elemental link, but not if he didn’t fire…

I couldn’t seem to replicate on this shot. Just hit Marjana. Ill keep an eye out though.

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Thanks! Drake had not fired :frowning:

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Tried the first two Finley I saw raiding, in both case he only hit one (Kashhrek)


One of the buffs that could be triggered without specials is when Mist has low health. Activating the season 3 realm bonus, could that have been it?


That may be the answer! I can’t say for sure, but is very plausible.

Seems at least that it isn’t a wide spread issue, game wide, and I appreciate all the help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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