Finley bug - appears to mistake blind (or mana steal) as a buff - video in post 6

I just raided against a team with Finley in the right wing. Got it down to Drake and Finley, and had full health across the board. My team: Ariel, Mitsuko, Boldtusk (costumed), Marjana, and Zimkitha. My Ariel is charged. I have NO buffs on my team (including elemental links). Made a move that charged both his drake and Finley. Drake hit me with blind (Ariel, Mits, Bold got hit), but when Finley hit he chained through EVERYONE like I had buffs. I mean, he’s already an OP piece of crap…but glitching like that is unacceptable. Thankfully I had the health to survive that and win, but this needs fixed ASAP!

Without an image, it’s hard to help. But I’d note that 4 of your 5 heroes buff all. It’s hard to believe that he hit all and there were no buffs.


Nope, I 100% made sure of it the turn before. It was DEFINITELY a bug. Of course I have no proof, but I’m 100% positive of it.

I set him off on purpose because I had Ariel charged.

Are you sure there wasn’t an element link active? Zimkitha maybe? Element link counts as a buff

Yes…but I guess nothing can be done if I don’t have a video…I’ll try and record from now on.


Well we’ll well. I think I have proof. And I accidentally caught it on video. It happens fast at the end of the video. I attack Peters who is both blinded by Neith and has mana drain by Onatel. One of these two is acting like a buff as Finley hit twice!! If the OP is correct, it would lead me to thinking the the blind is the issue.

Anyone else want to try this and see if they can repeat it?


Maybe, because drake had blinded me…

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