Finishing Titan Strike – Does it increase your loot tier? [Answer: No, but it does increment the counter in your profile]

Having a minor debate. In our alliance, some believe getting the finishing titan strike adds one to your loot tier. Others think the finishing titan strike does absolutely nothing. I’ve been searching the forum and can’t find anything inclusive. I’ve asked those getting the finishing strike to capture their loot tier and they always forget :man_facepalming:. Any help on this??

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The finishing strikes allows everyone to get loot, loot tier is only affected by titan’s level, titan’s rarity and damage done:


Well, it does increment the counter on your stats page. :man_shrugging:


I feel like it’s for the best that there is no last hit bonus. I think it would lead to players camping, not attacking but waiting for people to get the titan close to dead and swoop in.


Your worried too much… it’s mostly just collecting the stat for some people.

You’re right. People would absolutely do this.

My kid loves that… she’s got 14 and asks me all the time how many I have. Which is only 2 lol. But, whatever is fun for her is cool by me.


My grandson absolutely would wait to get the Titan kill … but then again he is only 8 years old

But if there was an Epic Troop Token reward for final kill… a lot more than the grand babies would be waiting to pounce on that.

We call it bragging rights but it’s not worth more than that.


On our alliance we are trying to find a last hitter whos average is around the left titan power to waste no hits.

Regarding the loot, my feeling is that the loot is better if you are not doing the last hit.

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