Finishing Heart of Atlantis 27/10 (hard level) with Epic Heroes

I finished 27/10 normal level no problem with this purple/yellow raid team:

Selecting purples against Ursena may seem counter-productive, but dark Heroes take less damage than other colors.

Yellows didn’t last very long at the 27/10 hard level “titan,” so I used this team instead:

Yes I finished, but it was a bloodbath and it cost me a lot of gems. Running & gunning against the Titan for 90 seconds is one thing; doing it for more than 30 minutes is another. Ursena’s attack hits are much more lethal at the hard level!

I wasn’t satisfied with this result, especially since this team included my only 2 Legendary Heroes (hitters), so I tried using this epic team of healers afterwards:

As long as you keep 2 or 3 healers lit up at all times, you can run and gun against Ursena and take hits no problem.

Yes it’s going to take more than an hour to play this way, but it was very satisfying to play the final stage with confidence & control.

I hope this info was helpful. Let me know how your epic journey through 27/10 goes.


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