Finished Titan, No Rewards

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Just when you thought the rewards couldn’t get any worse… No rewards LOL! :joy::joy:

Lol I don’t ask for much, but come on :joy:

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Only 3* items and up are showed in the log. You got gems, so probably got 1 and 2* loot too. It is only a 5*, can’t be expecting too much now


I understand it’s only a 5*, but it notifies you in the log as rewards for Titan. I have been playing the game for about a year, so I know the ins and outs. Just didn’t receive anything for this Titan.

Top of page 2 of your activity log screenshot, 39 minutes - you got 3 gems (and presumably low level stuff) as a titan reward

At 39m it says titan rewards 3 gems. So you got 3 gems + other loot what isn’t mentioned because it’s 1 and 2* stuff.


You guys also have to realize I’m an idiot and didn’t see that :joy:


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