Finished Season 1 with team power 2300+



Spirit Link is amazing, take two to make sure the buff will always be there.
Take two healers for the survival in the last few stages.
The one left can be any dmg dealer.
Take mana and healing potions for emergency use, axes or bombs for a debuff or just kill a boss.
In 2 bosses-stages, taking one of them down quickly is pretty important. After taking one down, you can put tiles to the empty rows to gain mana more effectively, and this team really relies on mana. So bombs are pretty useful.

Completed the legendary event with a 2900+ team

Congratulations, @Song_of_Shadow, for reaching this milestone . Defeating the Dark Lord with his Deathstrike special is not easy.

Happy that you managed to do so, as you seem to have learned …a lot.



Thanks! @Tough_E_Nough


Well done @Song_of_Shadow, not easy at all with that team. You did very well. Nice Khiona by the way.


Wow are you seriously? If yes i give you 10 star hahahhaah… btw congrats bro you finished the seasson 1 use 2300 power great job


Thank you @FrenziedEye, btw my friend pulled that Khiona for me, haha:grinning:


Thanks bro, I just relied on the Spirit Link.


Ok i must try using kailani wkwkwkwk… thanx bro for the sharing


I hope you summon a Wilbur along the way—he’s a 4* Season 2 hero that takes Spirit Link up a level. Paired with Khiona, they do amazing things.


Nice advice, I think that you meant the Titan team right? Wilbur gives enemies Spirit Link too, which makes him harder to use.


where are proofs? video?))


Using the link across the foes requires some thought, but when combined with the powerful defensive debuff, the foe-link is one of Wilbur’s most powerful features, IMO. It lets you target powerful hits at one, low-defense hero and maim everyone.

Example: Take Wilbur, Jackal and Chao into a fight. Wilbur fires, linking and weakening the defense. Jackal fires at the foe with the lowest Defense stat, and Chao follows up on the same foe. Now you have all the foes taking severe damage from the combined effect of Wilbur’s defense debuff, Jackal’s elemental debuff to holy both making Chao’s hit more damaging. Wilbur also lets you kill targets with Riposte up without touching them directly.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

This is why Wilbur is stellar for attacking and useless for defense.


May you please screenshot your roster?
Wanna see the other heros you’ve there :wink:



If I can beat a 3800 team in AW with a monochrome 2200 team in 3 moves with a lucky board then OP can finish s1 with a 2300 team and crafty item use. Definitely doable. I used to finish the rare quests with a 2300 ish team and have done the 4100 quest with a 3k team. It’s all in the luck and skill.


But your trops aint 3☆ lv1
And your heros are 8/8 full ascend.
Right or am I wrong.
Also that dark lord has huge hp and hits like hell.
I can’t see how it will be achived with 2300 !


I wish all my 3 star heroes were 8/8, that’s a dream. I finished Legendary pirates event with a 3200 team and placed 25k. I even limited item use to minor pots, antidotes and arrows.


Get it!:+1::+1::+1::+1:


No need to lie. In fact, I don’t have any more powerful heroes.