Finish Valhalla, get 5* hero as reward / Award a Hero for Completing Each Season

It would be awesome if we recieve one Valhalla 5* hero when we finish all stages in normal mode and recieve 2 Valhalla 5* heroes when we finish it in hard mode. It would be interesting, random 5* hero. I mean, there soon will be season 4,new events and it is pretty hard to get any 5* hero. I personaly do not have any S2 or S3 5* hero and also a bunch of other players do not have. It would be a great gift for us :).
PS : I want the red one :wink:

History has taught us that the best things in life are free. But the history of this game lacked that legendary freebie you are wishing and dreaming.


Better yet, once someone completes Valhalla then the season 2 heroes should be released into the training camps. There is no reason to expect someone who has completed season 3 to spend money on season 2 heroes.


5* for free ?

Lol remember which game you are playing


If they did give out freebie 5star heroes it would be like everything else in this game Season 1 only

@ajly19 : Even though, commercially it is not a possibility, it is a good idea & I am sure, SG team can find something creative in this regard, to keep us players engaged in the hunt… :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your comment. Well I was thinking if they can make something similar with challenge events when the first one get hero, maybe they can make something similar here. I would rather get one 5* hero for sure then 300 coins and get 3 3* heroes.

Woukd be awesome, bit nut only in valhalla, even i think that could be in the first 2 sesiones, because if you have finished means you were working hard

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Raid shadow legends. They give one of the best legos in game for free… the issue is that is a login feature that comes after nearly a year of playing.

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Of course, S1, S2, why not. It would be awesome if they gave us well Ariel and Sif and from season one hmmm Lianna :D. I know it is probably impossible but it will be a nice gift for players :smiley:

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That is a nice gift for players :smiley:

Is it confirmed that these are the last Valhalla provinces? So that this is the last Valhalla unlock?

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It would be funny if they’d add new provinces inside the tree! :laughing:

I must say, the tree looks a very suspicious :smiley:

This is a fantastic idea. Having beaten Seasons 1 and 2, I admit I was fairly disappointed that it gave you summon tokens as a reward - which is really just a chance to get a 5* hero, not at all a guarantee.

Given the difficulty and the sheer amount of time it takes to beat an entire season, I think it’s not unreasonable to ask that the reward be more substantial with a guarantee of a 5*. It is incredibly disappointing to play allll the way to the end of a season, and …oo, I drew another Berden… a 3* … :frowning:


I’d be fine with it. However be prepared for the “this isn’t fair for free to pay players”. Strong players will get the free heroes months before any casual players will.


Ya that would be something if they go with your idea. Goodluck with it

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you had a dream, now its time to wake up
You wont get a free 5*, just some free summons, and you will have 1% chance to get a 5* from it, deal with it

Presumably it’s the same as Atlantis, we will get 300 coins for normal mode + 500 coins for hard mode, so we already have 8 (tiny tiny tiny tiny) chances of a 5*, for them they are already giving us too much from that.

Whilst the idea is great it just won’t ever happen.

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What if instead of coins for summons we got a hero for completing each season?
I wouldn’t change season 2 or 3 but maybe season 4 could do thus.
Using season 2, Wilbur and poseidon as an example, after completing season 2 Wilbur is awarded and after completing season 2 hard poseidon is awarded. Those 2 heroes would no longer be in summons and only obtained by completing the season.
This would be a reward and motivator for players.i believe players that purchase gems for summons would continue to do so to build their bench.
Honestly I’d be more inclined to spend a little more if SG would throw us a bone every once in while.

What do you think? Good idea or do you hate it?


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