Finish Li Xiu or Start Mist

I have Li Xiu at 4-21. I picked up Mist in last Valhalla summon. Should I finish off Li Xiu or start working on Mist ? I am using emblemed Hu Tao currently .

As close as you are to Li I would finish, even if for depth. But of those 3, I like mist the best.


Mist is excellent!

However I would also vote you finish Li Xiu first. Then focus Mist

Those half finished heroes in any roster are heartbreaking.
And you will not regret her later. Useful for tournaments. Any advanced roster should have a Li Xiu


Agree with the above. You’ve spent the mats on Li Xiu so you may as well finish her off. Mist will still be there waiting in 49 levels time :slight_smile:


Li Xiu. Especially if you get her costume.

Mist is great, too! You’ll have her maxed in no time.


Ok thanks I will finish her off .


I definitely say mist … li xiu is not a very successful hero

It won’t take you much longer to finish Li Xiu, which gives you a decent enough hero to use while leveling Mist. None of the 4* S1 yellows are great (possibly Wu, but only for titans) but Li is as good as any of them. And she can be useful in 4* tournaments.

But then I hate having half-finished heroes staring morosely at me from the bench all the time.


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