Finish Caedmon or Kashhrek...OR?

Hi folks,

I have Caedmon and Kashhrek at 3’60. I have 4 sturdy shields. I have a very wide variety of heroes (single hitters and healers). I focus on Titan hits and Raids but healers are always needed in AW! I have Zeline at 3^70 but 3 potions and a DB shy). I have a fully levelled Melendor. Lianna almost at 3^70.

Curve ball (hanging over the plate): I have Lady Locke at 2^60 and her tile damage is excellent at higher levels. Wonder if taking her to 3^70 is the best option now over Caed or Kash.

Question: Who to use my 4 sturdy shields on right now?

Having both Caedmon and Melendor is perfect against Boril :wink:

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Kashhrek vs Caedmon

Raids: Kashhrek

  • It’s easier to double green colors if you have a red shield

Titans: Caedmon

  • Better performances than Kashhrek and you already have a better titan’s healer

Alliance War: Kashhrek

  • Peoples want to snipe your center to ghost tiling, Karshhrek will make them waste many good attackers to do so.

Generally agree with the points above, but I’d put Caedmon over Kashhrek on raid offense. A fast-mana sniper/debuffer is extremely useful—he Is still a 4* I use on raiding selectively.

Kashhrek as a center tank on defense (raids or wars) is probably the best 4* in that position.

Oh, and Zeline—you’ll definitely want to max her, but you’ll almost surely get four more shields before you get three more tonics.


Thank you everyone!

So taking Lady Locke to 3^70 isn’t in the discussion as a legitimate alternative to 4^70 Caed or Kash?

Since you have Zeline there’s no way you go all out for lady Locke anytime soon, and her not maxed damage paired with her great fragility is not a good choice pretty much anywhere at 3-70.

After her last buff she is an interesting hero for both tile damage and raids, but only maxed.

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