Finetuning raid def

hello guys, please advice me here: current raid def team holds me well in 2.5-2.6k. now that i can ascend magni +8 and marjanna +11 im curious if the change in the right wing will improve my defense. does version 2 or 3 make any difference? thx!


version 2 just switching magni for misandra

version 3 magni as flank, marjana wing

I like having rogue on the wings.

If your defence holds you between 2.5-6k I think it works rather well for the emblems and troops you have.

You can always try and make changes. But if it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it :smile:

I’m on +6-7 emblems and troops 12, and I also keep around 2.5-6k with more than 50% won defence raids

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very valid point ff, thank you.


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