Fine Gloves

You aren’t the only one waiting or them…

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Odds for all ascension items are low. Sorry man. Odds of getting the one you really need right now seem non-existent :wink: But they will come. Keep plugging. If you play long enough at some point you’ll be like ‘man i have all the gloves I need. If I could only find a compass…’


Thats all I do, keep chugging along. I have plenty of heros to get up to 60 lol. So I have some time before I start freaking out like some of these folks here haha.

For a while, I had enough gloves to open a clothing store, but I couldn’t get compasses. That has evened out by now, but now I’m awash with trap tools (I have 16 now) but can’t get capes.

It always seems like something is in short supply, especially when it’s the one thing you need to progress. It all seems to even out in the end with a bit of patience, though.


It’s like ‘the thing you are looking for is always in the last place you look’

There will always be an uneven distribution due to the random nature of the drops. Since you will use the ones you have, you won’t need them. Therefor the only ones you need are the ones you don’t have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m aiming for a record for worst glove shortage right now.

Bad enough that I ever-so-briefly thought about dropping $100 on gems to get the 9750 gem football offer which includes two pairs of gloves. (The offer doesn’t look to be a terrible deal, just waaaaaaay to rich for my blood!)

I’ve got 13 compasses and no gloves. And enough blades, orbs, shields, trap tools, and capes that I could ascend six heroes. Only one trap tools and one blade short of a total of eight heroes, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get those two before my 7th & 8th glove!

Total is after getting a pair a couple days ago, already used to ascend Wu Kong.


I’ve noticed two months in a row the 11-100 bracket in Legendary rewarded 2 compass but no gloves. Would make a bit more sense to offer 1 and 1, but thats me.

I currently have 14 compases and 5 gloves. I remember a few months ago posting that I had no compases lol

Those 9750 gem packages don’t sell themselves you know…


I also have 9 compasses and only 1 gloves. In my alliance only one has quite equal distribution, the others are all short on gloves.

SG knows their business. Throwing around with compasses to give the feeling that non-farmable items still appear once in a while. But not giving us gloves so that the spenders keep buying stuff.

There’s a rare event that has a some coming up!

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I need an event that has 5 please :slight_smile:


Here hope this helps. It says what’s rare quest have the ascension items.

Note: They changed the order of them in one of the updates here’s my log of when they have been coming in what order.

May3-Mount Umbar
May24,-FarHolme Pass
May31st—Shiloh Desert
June 11-Morlovia
June 18-22 should be ??

Farholme-tomb of tactics,gloves,compass,dam blade
Shiloh- orb & darts
Morlovia-Royal Tabard &Trap Tools
Mount Umber-Mystic rings
Shrikewood-Sturdy shield and tonic
Frostmarch-telescope & Warm cape


in the last 2 months I found only 1 fine gloves and I have 8 heroes ready for ascension but no fine gloves.I got Boss Wolf at the event pulls and I would ascend him all the way but the lack of gloves is keeping him at 60/2

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seems like I got yours, today I`ve received 11th pair, but no other ascension materials :confused:

All the guys from my alliance seem to get them and I have most of 3* and 4* materials in double digits. The only ones I’m missing are fine gloves for all my 4* and Boss Wolf and 2 misterious tonics to ascend Zeline to the last tier

Did someone say they needed gloves? :wink:


They seem to gather at guys that have a lot of them

51 gloves …wow what you did to have them ?

This is how the rule works… if you need an ascension item, you WON’T get it. If you DON’T need that item, you will get plenty of them. Knowing this rule makes it less frustrating for me :sweat_smile::smile::smiley::rofl::joy:


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