Fine gloves problem

We cant any find fine gloves in our guild. No titan reward , no raids chest , no monster chest in 1 mounth and that is boring. New epic offers is unbalanced we want a good and really EPIC offer. 5* heroes are stuck at 60/2. Please give a quest or offer for fine gloves. Same for tome of tactics.


Gloves is the same for me (I have 1) but hidden blades is worse for me (I have had 2 forever). Still have 2…


The last rare quest for both gloves and tome of tactics was the 31st of March. It’ll probably be a couple of months until they come up in the progression again. It’s a cycle, with two versions of Farholme Pass, the next one due being the compass/blades edition.

In the meantime, keep on opening chests and watching the mystic vision. Gloves do show up eventually. Frustrating as it will be to get given that advice as a platitude, it’s a position most of the players who give it have been in themselves, including myself.

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I just truck along bringing my heros as high as I can go…It’s a grind but hopefully will balance out in the end.

Fine gloves are one of the few ascension items that I have in abundance (men’s and women’s…all sizes!). Now, Damascus Blades are an entirely different matter!


I have 10 gloves right now, and 8 hidden blades, though the latter are all earmarked for my current ascension projects, as soon as I get either another set of rings or my current red 4* to 3/60.

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Another comrade who is missing fine gloves. I think we should start the Society of Cold Fingers so that all of us who are missing fine gloves can suffer together.


I got a few blades. Not needing them yet. Joon is my only 5* close and lacking darts…If it isn’t one thing it is the other…oh and gloves. Got enough for 1.

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anything you need from my drawers? except tabards and darts ofc. i need more gloves and compasses…:disappointed_relieved:

Wow…6 Damascus Blades :star_struck:

send it your way, don’t forget send me back one dart n glove n compass please xd

Deal! :smile:

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:joy::joy: if only we are allowed to have barter haaaa it’ll be much more exciting!
*wella… we’re ready did this in other’ thread, dealing for our own instead of helping them out hehe sorry op😁


Last weekend I got fine gloves from the AW victory chest.

Weird, I’m having some trouble finding gloves too, but that’s prob because I keep ascending 4*… not sure if anyone in my alliance has the same problem.

I had 6 Damascus Blades until last night, when I ascended Quintus (shut up, he’s my only 5* purple and hits a TON). The first I got from a mystic vision when I was a noob and didn’t know what it was for…

Searching for gloves a loooong time…got one! in 2,5 months…not so good at all…

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Found 7 gloves in 6 months. . . I have 3 3/60 heroes. Working on another 3 heroes.

Compasses is worse cause only found 6 of them. Had to buy special offers for the 3 i have right now!

I would trade 20 pairs for a tome of tactics…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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sign me up for that trade.

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I have 6 tomes. 5 of them don’t even have a hero to be used on. Gimme gimme!

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