Fine Gloves Please

Can someone please explain why fines gloves are impossible to find!?!

Have been playing for years and only ever gotten 2 pairs!

Please can get have more fine gloves as rewards in chests and events.


If you’ve been playing for “years” and have only gotten two pairs, you’re not taking advantage of all the events. Farholme Pass with gloves occurs every 7 weeks. So if you’ve been playing for “years,” you should have at least 10 pairs (being conservative) neglecting other sources.


Adding onto all of the ones from Farholme Pass, several of the Challenge Events have them as Completion Rewards, including Wonderland that just had two of them.


I used to call it Farmhole Pass. I wrote it on a banner recently and my alliance made fun of me. I didn’t realize I was wrong. I had to think what it was actually called to get it right here on the forum. In my mind, it will always be Farmhole Pass. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


do you play every day?
Do you fill a chest or two a day?
Are you in an alliance?

if you answered yes to any of those, I would be shocked if it was really the case. I have been playing since Feb and have 39 in stock and have probably used another 20+…


39?!? Wow, I’ve been playing since march, I think and have 3 unused and 5 used… I’m really impressed hahaha (or really slow :thinking: )

This reminds me of a thread I did to pester @Shohoku79

Raining fine gloves shohoku

They come eventually. All mats come eventually. 5* cards you want don’t necessarily come eventually :joy:

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Only clothing item on there was boots. It never shows gloves

Well then there is something wrong. I never get gloves as rewards.

Yes to all of the above

Did you finish Wonderland Epic and Legendary?

The 3rd Stage gives Boots, the 4th Stage gives Gloves.


here is graphic reference…


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So u got only 4 ? I find that very hard to believe … It would mean only 4 heroes (4*) would be final ascended in your roster

And as other good contributors mentioned there are event quests that give fine gloves.
( Chest and titan drops also drop em…)


2 pairs would be 2 4* heroes, and yeah that’s pretty ridiculous.

I was complaining a few months ago because I had a pile of compasses but only 3 gloves. Now I’m up to 9.

Yeah some of us have had issues in the past with finding gloves, they kinda come in waves sometimes.
Check this thread, last month i was complaining about not having one pair, because i’ve used my last ones to up 3 or 4 4*. They come in waves for some of us, so if you’re in between the Farholmes quests or the one with the gloves has just passed and you’ve used those gloves, sometimes the rng can be a pain.
Now a month later and a lot of 4* maxed i got like 8 pairs. So hang in there and eventually you will catch up.

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I’m showing 43 gloves over 13 months, c2p. Best was 2 from Dark chest.

I agree i play everyday for the past 10 month, it is not that i am not getting gloves i am but the amounts of compass vs gloves is ridiculous. I have now 18 compass and 4 gloves that i save if i get good heroes that i want to lvl up. And that after i but every gloves deal that the give me. Plz change the events rewards only wonderland give gloves all the rest compass.

Pirates Legendary also has given Gloves, so having that skipped/delayed doesn’t help, particularly since the Challenge Events skewed heavily toward Compasses before Wonderland was added.

I know, i was so happy to get wonderland now, those 2 gloves were like tonics for me. Lol. I just dont have luck with those, and my bro get 1 ea week arrrgggg


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