Fine Gloves, Hidden Blade, Sturdy Shield, Warm Cape

Hi all,

Can you please tell me exactly where I can find these ascension materials:
Fine Gloves
Hidden Blade
Sturdy Shield
Warm Cape

Hi @Irisa, welcome to the Forum!

All of those items are Non-Farmable Ascension Materials, meaning they can’t be acquired from World Map Stages.

Instead, they can be gotten from a number of Event, Quest, and Loot sources.

@General_Confusion put together an excellent list of all of the sources, which you can find here:

FYI, that list predates Raid Tournaments, so that’s the one source from normal gameplay that isn’t noted in that guide.

kicks @General_Confusion to remind to update the post :wink:


Thanks :grin: very helpful.


Need more availability of gloves and shields for ascension. I have 6 characters stuck because I am not getting the right ascension items.

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