Finding the best alliance for me

Hi everyone

I am level 24 my team power 3053. I do usually 20-30k per round on titans while hitting 50-60k multiple times. I am currently the only person who does 100k+ every time and am always the top contributor in my alliance. There is the problem I know. While I like my alliance, I am tired of watch 6 stars escape. Any ideas as to find a better alliance for me? I play everyday.

Thanks for any advice.


A few suggestions:

  • You can either apply to some alliances that have open spots
  • You can advertise in alliance recruitement chats in game
  • Or dito here on the forum
  • Talk to people in-game, get to know them, let them get to know you and that way get on potenial waiting lists
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thank you for your thoughts

I think you would be welcome anywhere. We would definitely want to have you in Northbay and we are, sometimes, #1 alliance. Well… it has happened once. :slight_smile:

Problem is finding an alliance that has a spot open. All our players are active and we seldom have reason to kick someone.


Do you have LINE? If you do, look me up and I’ll point you in the right direction

My ID: fledoble

@AKrowdy I am in a similar circumstance. Getting ready to start my own alliance as I’ve outgrown my role and the desires of my current alliance. Let me know if you are interested in joining my crusade into the Top 100.

Here are my stats:

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@AKrowdy. Feel free to join “King of the North”

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Or hazed and confused

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I call dibs @Firedragon LOL

NP John was just going to,pst that we are full now, and he is to big for our training alliance

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I joined battle toads. Seems like a good fit so far. Thanks though.

Brian Rogers
O: 256-733-0001
C: 256-366-6080

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Bumpy Amphibians, nice!

Glad you found a home good luck to you

I have a similar question. My alliance is nice, but not particularly strong. I’m probably the third or maybe even second best player now. My question is, would it be worth it to be a jerk and move to an alliance that takes down 6* or 7* titans rather than the 4* and occasional 5* I’m doing now? I mean, would I see a material benefit?

@sopclod In theory, yes. While nothing is guaranteed, higher titans give better chances at better loot. Realize that you almost always get ascension loot… but it may also be ascension loot you can get from the map. The higher the titan… the higher the chances of that better material.

If you are looking for a change. Just started “King of the North”. I’ve defeated 7*s and been in a top 100 alliance. Starting fresh… feel free to join.

Sopclod: I have 4* heroes. We are now fighting 6/7* Titans and getting loot that is used to ascend 5* heroes.

If you are trying to ascend 4* heroes, you might want to stay where you are for a bit…

Go to yelp tell kayno starhunter sent you super yelp 3000 leader mr white

Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I’m going to build up my team a bit more and then maybe look for a new alliance.

Nice Titan damage, @JonSnow, 51k is up in Athena territory.

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@ZapperCat I do have Athena. And it was on a 6* titan.

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