Finding Recruits 2

Anyone have an idea what happened to the Finding Recruits II it never showed up in quest for almost a month now. Thanks in advance if anyone will answer

They haven’t found any recruits to give to us.

There’s been a recent and alarming scarcity of men and women willing to answer our call to arms. Probably because they all think they will end up as 1*s to be fed and eaten in any event.

I hear @JonahTheBard is assigned to the investigation. Any leads so far?

(On a more serious note I am not sure, I’m sure one is around the corner soon)


Thank you good sir.

Following an arduous investigation that lasted numerous seconds and taxxed my mental powers to the limit, I can reveal that the last Recruits II quest was…

15th May.

So it’s not been a month quite yet and I’m sure all is well.


Thank you for your service to this great, great country


Hahahaha thanks a lot


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