Finding Gloves to assend

been playing over a year got loads of 4* heroes. only ever got 1 pair of gloves.

i take part in titan challenge and alliance wars.

surely this is a bug.

It’s making my favourite game boring and am starting to lose interest in playing

After a year you should got at least 2 or 3 gloves from rare quests

How many stars have your titans? Higher titans mean more spaces for mats so higher chance for 3* and 4* mats

with the last alliance the titan had 7 star plus including rate ones was with alliance for over 6 months

In one year you could farmed 5 gloves with other 3*/4* mats from rare quests only. These rare quests come by every 10 days. And there are other sources like challenges once a month. Finishing the epic challenge guarantees some mats.

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I believe there are 2 variants to The Farholme Pass Rare Quest. One of these has a Compass as a reward and the other has Fine Gloves.

That is very unfortunate for sure.

There will be Fine Gloves in the monthly Challenge next week 0 if you can complete Epic - you may need to do some serious bombing with only one fully leveled 4*. There will be another pair available in the Legendary stage, but that is our of your reach at the moment. Farholme Pass also offers a pair the first week in September.

They do come occasionally with Titan Loot and Chests, War Loot and Chests, and Raid Chests; as well as Monster and Special Chests. The best way to get these gloves is to fill as many chests as possible.

After 1 year, I had 26 heroes that were leveled past Fine Gloves - without spending on ascension materials and only $20 total in the game, so I’m guessing that your alliance may not be supporting you enough for high enough Titan tiers and/or you’re not filling your chests on a daily basis.

Good luck.

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