Finding compasses

Is it just me not understanding all the ways to get a compass or are they really this few and far between?

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I’ve never been short on compasses. Warm cloaks and fine gloves strike me as the most rate limiting 3 star unfarmable ascension mats.

Keep in mind your current supply of these mats is influenced by two main factors:

  • how many you receive ingame
  • how many you spend on heroes

The latter factor can really lead to skewed inventories as much as the first one can.


I have never seen a compass. I have hundreds of other worthless assention materials. I have never seen a purple globe either.


I had never been short compasses. Down to 3 now but with the way fine gloves avoid me I will have 6 compasses again before I have 1 more set of gloves…

My alt account has trouble with finding fine gloves, but has plenty of compasses. Too bad we can’t swap!

At the risk of explaining something you may know, compasses are a “rare ascension material” or “rare mat”. The other rare mats are (3*) fine gloves, trap tools, orbs of magic, warm capes, sturdy shields, hidden blades, and (4*) Damascus blades, tomes of tactics, royal tabards, poison darts, farsight telescopes, mysterious tonics, and mystic rings. Collectively, these are the rarest items in the game and are how SG “gates” progression of heroes. No rare mats, and your heroes are stuck at low levels.

Rare mats can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Mystic visions
  • Wanted chests (monsters, heroes, titans)
  • Elemental chests (which replace a wanted chest occasionally)
  • Titan loot
  • Rare quests (like Morlovia, that just finished)
  • Challenge event rewards
  • Ascension packs in the Shop (<-- horrible odds)
  • Special offers

Which is to say, you cannot collect rare mats from the world map. Ever.


I am frustrated because I cannot ascend one of my heroes. I need 3 orbs of magic and one compass. Why is this game holding me back from improving my heroes. There is to much worthless ascention materials in the loot. Fix the game so we can have a fair chance of ascending our troops.

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Never post when you’re half asleep! LOL It was funny though…

Compass and Gloves, Compass and Gloves, Compass and Gloves…

Just praying to the RNG gods don’t mind me…


Haha! Right there with ya!

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Well I got 1 of each in the event so let’s hope for good things moving forward!

Congratulations & Amen! Managed to get them also.

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Congrats. Now I just have to figure out who gets them.

That is the other issue with not getting many. Choose wisely.

Just wait until it’s 5* hero ascension time. Tomes of tactics and damascus blades make gloves and compasses look common.

Yeah, but we still need gloves to get to the ascension requiring tomes and damascus blades.
I have 3 of each sitting waiting, and 6 compasses, but no dratted gloves.

Edit: I have such a hero backlog now stuck on gloves that when they do finally turn up I will have a monumentally difficult task of deciding who gets them.

(and for reference… I have 4x 4-70 and 1x 3-70, so I’ve only used 5 pairs thus far in my E&P career. At this point I could not even plan to use the next gloves on any of my waiting 4*, I’d be better off using them on another 5*)

Gloves in the completion reward for legendary.


Yeah, I didn’t finish. Wish they had been in epic instead. Next time, maybe :slight_smile:

I have yet to use mine also. I think I will just be patient and save them for 5* too. Thanks for your valuable input

Got a pair of gloves after dealing the final titan strike. Now, who to level up? Decision’s decision’s!!

I have 9 characters that are waiting to Ascend, can’t get the mats to do so. I am almost at the point this game and its creators can go f…k themselves!

Blatant money grabbing POS!


Two words…rare quests.

Guaranteed 3* mat on level 4
Guaranteed 4* mat on level 5

They come around every 7-10 days in a predictable rotation

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