Finding community, don't lose connection

Dear readers

Are you new to this game? Or looking for community? Then I’ve got some mutmacher for you here. From personal experience.

I often find myself very difficult to get involved anywhere. Yes, this is my biggest weakness. Now I’ve been in this game for about a month and a half. Move me in chat here and there, and I find this amazing how they communicate with each other.

Some of this, I could not support. So talk about the issues that have been raised.

I also noticed how they talk to each other in an interpersonal way. With many, a familiarity, I noticed.

Tip: Watch the chat history. Log in regularly, watch and listen.

Your attitude towards the chat should always be neutral. Don’t be provoked by other comrades-in-arms. Always be polite and kind to your fellow human beings.

In the chats you will find a wide variety of age groups. From young to old, everything is represented. If you’re in an alliance, those are your friends.

Brare your chats comrades. On regular greetings, the others notice that you are there. Bring yourself into conversations bit by bit. And you’ll see everything turn piece by piece for the community for the positive for all of us.

And now go out, be brave and strong. And scale new ways, too.


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