Finding common ground players and devs

I’m creating this thread so that players and devs can hopefully see this and find some sort of mutual ground. I myself have spent about $250 on this game if you break that down that’s less than a cup of coffee a day for how long I’ve been playing.

A lot of people are going on the don’t spend movement. myself I think if you have the money that are capable of affording to pay a certain amount then by all means feel free to pay, if you don’t have the money then I think you should stay within your budget or be free to play. A lot of uproar has come from this mana bonus from costumes and nodes not being applied everywhere.

It seems a lot of people are upset about this I myself can say I’m not completely happy about it but if something is done about it then I will be fine. What I want to do and hopefully others do to is to try and find a way to form respect between players and the developers of this game as I love playing it and I love the community.

A lot of people think that hitting SG in their wallets will bring some sort of voice to the players. Myself I think that’s one way to go about it but people that are completely free to play are still bringing in revenue for SG Just from Mystic visions ad revenue so even if you spend money or not on this game you’re still bringing them revenue by just watching those ads.

What I’d like to see is SG and the players both happy with how the game is for everyone. I think if the developers from SG really take note about how people feel, give more transparency and effectively communicate with us I think it would create a bond. I think that’s what really we should all strive for is a bond between the players and the developers.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about people losing marriages houses etc from spending a lot on this game and that’s their choice really. I don’t think SG really preys on people’s said gambling addictions because people with gambling addiction are going to gamble any way shape or form.

I’m hoping that people that read this might take the time to step back and think what really this game is all about and that’s having a fun time and supposedly trying to relax will having fun with friends online. Now being said I know that there’s still a lot of people that are unhappy due to lack of transparency whether it be said costume bonus talent node bonus actual rates from tc20 whatever. I think there should be a new movement instead of #dontspend I think it should be #players&devsUnite …

If we show the developers at SG that we can be patrons of this game and also enjoy this game together but also have more of a voice then we can unite and have common ground so it’s not players against developers or developers against players. I wish everyone to have fun and I hope maybe a developer may read this and see one player at least being positive for developers but also for players and it may spark something and that be mutual respect for one another.

I think it’d just be best all round and whoever else reads this I’m hoping maybe they’ll think and know that ppl are going to spend regardless on this game and trying to boycott SG isn’t the answer, as if say everyone playing stopped spending at all and didn’t watch Mvs SG would go bankrupt and then there’s no E&P…

LoL I know that’s not gonna happen…but Just being mad all the time isn’t gonna solve anything either… what would is hopefully a middle ground but it’ll take both player’s and devs together to get that…so here’s one player (and customer) reaching out and saying “hey devs I’m happy with the game and ppl make mistakes (like this whole costume talent mana bonus thing) but I understand, but also understand me and my fellow player’s and how it effects our feelings”

If that’s understood and said issues are fixed (Just going on the mana thing but in general) or just more transparency is given we’d be alot happier and so would you at SG by continued revenue but hopeful also a feeling of players satisfaction

Just a running thought I was having

Happy gamig everyone :heart:


That’s a lot of text :grin:

Perhaps it would be easier to read and digest if you could edit it into paragraphs.

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I used voice typing lol but yeah


Better? :smile: next time I’ll type instead of using mic


I overall agree that people should not feel forced to follow the #nospend trend.

If they are good with the game so far and can afford large quantity of gems, it’s their choice how they spend their money.

Hero cards are same useless of the last Applewatch or 16" chromed weel rim.
It’s something you spend for your own enjoyment, and no one should judge you how you use them, as long as you don’t go broke after it.

That said, huge spenders (and overall spending over your weight) do nothing good for this game and all the other players.

As long as people spend huge amount of money whatever Small Giant change, we will never see a drop on the “life costs” of this game, but rather see it increase over time (as we already saw).

So everytime you do 100 pulls and comes here complaint you’ve got nothing good, you have to know that exactly because you did 100 pulls like nothing is the main reason you’ve got nothing good.

I personally join the #nospend flow at fullest, refrain myself even for ViP and PoV even if it slow me.

I’m a father, and i usually try to punish or correct something wrong or a bad behaviour when i see one.
What Small Giant did with Hero Academy was really bad, so i try to punish it in my own way.

I will not encourage people spending for sure after it.


I absolutely wish this takes hold. But don’t forget, the nospend thing started because beta testers weren’t being listened to. If they won’t take the suggestions from people that are there to give suggestions, what does that say? It’s unfortunate that the players have to resort to such an extreme ,albeit futile, tactic to get the other side to listen. The lack of communication is one sided. And it doesn’t show signs of stopping.


Agreed… this is a hopeful msg, I’ve posted before in other thread’s about beta testers not being heard…but maybe… just maybe if enough people chime in and go with another tactic we might get a point across…the only thing holding players back is as @Elpis mentioned the whale’s not stopping…I try to be an optimist but I suppose Hope for the best is all we can do… but we’d need to Unite and that’d include beta testers


Yes. We all hope. But it’s not even the whales. The millions of small purchases and vip and POV add up to a substantial amount. And unfortunately the forum voice just isn’t big enough to get that to stop. But just like you I remain an optimist. And I’ll continue to feel like a fool for thinking that way.


Amen to that friend…

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i am not part of the #nospend trend. But then I also don’t spend much at all anyway. My expenditures come out to less than one coffee a month for all the time I’ve been playing. I am not changing my approach in that to the game but I do wish (and have always wished) that there was a much more fruitful dialog between SG and the players.


High level ascension materials are rare by design, and especially the epic ascension items are indeed very difficult to get. The developers are always monitoring the economy and making adjustments to the rarities in the future is not out of the question.

So as player (and a mod on this Reddit) that needs ascension items for my characters, it’s good to know that this ‘issue’ is something they look at. :slight_smile:

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