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Zen Vibrations is newly established alliance, made by a group of long term (in-game) friends who wanted to have a fresh start.

At the moment, we have 11 members, levels 46 to 72. We are all long-term and dedicated players willing to help you grow, so players of all levels are welcome. Our goal is not to be the best in the world, but the best version of ourselves. While having a lot of fun in the process. :slight_smile: This is an international group of people (US, UK, Trinidad and Tobago, Serbia…) and english speaking environment.

Although a small group, we can hit titans pretty hard. While waiting to grow in numbers, our optimal level are titans 8-9*. We keep the optimal level by skipping titans occasionally.

War is optional. However, we highly value the teamwork. To nurture this mutual respect, all members who choose to participate in war should use all flags. We have a monitoring system which allows us to react if there’s a visible inconsistency in using the flags. Until we get bigger, war strategy is quite simple. We coordinate tanks, while colour depends on the war rule - what works best for us as a team from week to week?

Decisions about war strategy are data driven. We have a sophisticated war tracker which measures our offensive and defensive performance over time. We all will learn things by doing, and eventually become the best versions of ourselves. Want to actively participate in this process? Not a problem. Once commitment is proven, leadership position is granted.

Discord server is available for off-game communication and sharing various materials that could be useful for the game itself. It is not mandatory. The only thing that is required is for you to check featured alliance message regularly, because it’s the best way to be updated with the key decisions. Overall, this is an open minded group of adults, sometimes chatty, sometimes life gets busy and we do what needs to ne done in silence. If you need a break for whatever reason, just tell us and opt out of war. Don’t worry about the titans. :slight_smile:

For any other question, you can find me on Line (id: slobix), or drop few lines here in the forum.

Join us in exciting battles like the one we had today:

Cheers! :slight_smile:


2 quite good players joined us this week, slowly filling our ranks. For the next pair of arrow attack wars, we’ll take our green tanks out for a walk.

13 in, 17 to go. :slight_smile:

This thread doesn’t look like a lot of fun, but we are growing slowly - half way through! :slight_smile:

Titans 10*-ish atm, rotating tanks and quite solid war performance with 0 wasted flags (see below), and most importantly - relaxed and chilled atmosphere. See you there! :slight_smile:


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