Find Recruits II - No golden token?

Hi everyone,

The Find Recruits II quest used to give a golden troop summon token at the end.

I have just completed it and got nothing (I mean, I did not need the recruits, I was only going for the token) -wasting 24 of my energy points for 40 out of the 100 monsters I needed for the monster chest, when with 24 energy points I could have filled the monster chest on 7-4 or 8-7.

When did the golden token offer change?

Why has no dev mentioned anything anywhere?

Thanks everyone,

Take care and enjoy the game.


It’s random - see topic here -


@Dan7 has included the master thread that gets updated when the Recruits II quest is active. Best to check here to save your WE flags - there are many awesome players who will complete the quest and update us all.

See above thread.

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