Find recruits 2


What was the point of this quest? It’s just find recruits 1 with bigger monsters. If f I need troops alone i’ll do 8-7 for them.

Please make the quest rewards comparable to the difficulty. In this case an epic troop token would have fit but this was just an electronic poke in the eye.


Eh, rewards are always the issue. We never get what we feel we deserve. The forums are full of those, but I get it. I found the massive troops given to be helpful after I just dropped 75 into elite training.


Unfortunately, recruits are worthless when you have all your heroes stuck at an ascension level thus no one to feed the trained heroes to 8/


You know nothing JonSnow (had to do that). My point is they could have rolled out recruit 1 for your purposes or you could auto-attack 8-7 for the energy amount and you’d get the same gains (more actually) so the harder version didn’t have anything of value for the difficulty increase.

Same thing for other quests. 10 energy for 3 arrows…no thanks.


To be fair, this quest ran again and did drop an epic troop token so it was either adjusted or the token is just a possible drop.


I got it but two in my alliance didn’t so it seems random.