Find players not only alliances


Dear Devs,

Please think about the idea t search on player names, not only on alliances.

With kind regards,



I know why I would look up another player. Why would you? I’m curious! :grin:


LOL. Stay curious, lol


You can find a player if you know the name of their alliance, but I guess you know that.


Some players aren’t in an alliance or you don’t know where they went after they left yours or another. Or if they are still playing the game. We had someone quit our alliance because he couldn’t play anymore at that moment, would be nice if we could check on him to see if he came back to the game.


For me, finding a player is really only helpful if I can also message them. :confused:


Yes, true, but that probably isn’t going to happen, but you could at least see when they are online and try calling for them in chat.


Here’s hopin! :wink: :wink: