I work hard. Competitive. Titans and war. Looking for a team that likes/wants to kick ■■■. Love my guys but tired of the non effort. Trying to teach ROLL TIDE ROLL.

Consider taking your core group that you know to be active and responsible, and form a new alliance with just them. Then be sure to increase trophy requirement to 2200 or even 2400, and set alliance to invite only. This way you’ll get a chance to at least have a cursory glance at whoever is knocking on your door, and at least in theory players at that level should need minimal babysitting.

If you really want a new home, we have room for you in the Locker. We have always have been and will be about effort. We are currently killing 10/11* titans and utilize rotating tanks. If you are interested, knock on the door. If you have questions, my line id is wolfwarrior66. Look forward to seeing what you can do in the Locker.

Ha! Alabama fan living in bayou country here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. What type of environment are you looking for in an alliance? We have several that may be able to accommodate you.

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